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10 Countries Where Purchasing Everyday Items Is Cheap. Want To Move Here?

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We always keep thinking about the ever-increasing expenses. It’s indeed difficult to cope with lifestyle sometimes, because needs are never-ending and prices are always on a rise. However, there are some places in the world, where you don’t have to think twice before buying everyday items.

The cost of living in those countries is more & you can easily get your hands on whatever you need without burning a hole in your pocket. Today, we are here with a list of countries where annual cost of living index is really less.

You will thank us after reading the article. So, shall we proceed with the list?

You will thank us after reading the article, so, shall we proceed with the list?

1) South Africa

You might think that living in South Africa is expensive, but no, it’s not so. The monthly expenses here don’t even reach Rs 25,000 (Rent plus household goods). In comparison with New York, you can get cheaper consumer goods and groceries here.

2) India

Undoubtedly, India has made it to the list of cities which are cheap to live in. Thanks to stores like Big Bazaar which keep hosting sales from time to time, thereby making purchases easier for customers. Even from the 28th of April to the 2nd of May, Big Bazaar has a public holiday sale going on, where you get goods at almost 70 percent lesser price. This makes it possible to easily manage the monthly budget with Rs 20,000. If you want to check out the sale, click here.

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3) Kosovo

Kosovo (Eastern Europe) has a huge population i.e. around 1.9 million. If you want to enjoy your life in this place, you need to spend around 20,000 per month including apartment rentals and groceries. Isn’t that cool enough?

4) Nigeria

Nigeria is again listed among the cheapest countries to live in. As compared to US, the rent is 80 percent cheaper. Moreover, prices of groceries are 64 percent lesser than that of America.

5) Vietnam

If you are looking for some savings, then head to Vietnam. The cost of living is very less here, you can say it’s 60 percent lesser than that of NYC. Cost of meals is just 20 percent of US; moreover rent and groceries also cost pretty less. Overall, you can expect 70 percent savings.

6) Iraq

Iraq makes considerable savings possible; in Baghdad, which is the Capital city, you can easily purchase tomatoes, oranges, apples, onions etc for just 50 cents per pound. It’s indeed a paradise for those who love to cook. Overall cost of living is 56 percent lesser than US.

7) Indonesia

Enjoy peace and good living in Indonesia. Here, you would not only enjoy serene islands but can also enjoy cheap stuff. On an average, the rent is 90 percent lesser than that of US. Even meals and groceries cost 1/5th of US. Why not shift to such a place?

8) China

When we talk about the cheapest countries, how can we miss out on China? Well, the groceries are 52 percent lesser than that of USA and rent is 82 percent lesser. It wouldn’t be wrong to label China as the least expensive country.

9) Sri Lanka

If you love oceans and islands, then Sri Lanka is that place. Don’t worry about expenses because it is among the cheapest countries to live in. Renting a place here or buying sufficient groceries won’t cost you much at all.

10) Turkey

You are going to love the resort town. Even though it looks luxurious, the cost of living is very less. The rent is 90 percent lower as compared to NYC and the groceries are 58 percent cheaper. Won’t you love moving to a country like this?

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