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13 Burning Questions I Have Ahead Of "Bridgerton" Season 3 Part 2

3 weeks ago 29

If Penelope doesn't want Lord Debling, I'll take him.

Bridgerton Season 3 Part 1 dropped over the weekend, and reader, I feel faint and on the verge of swooning. I need June 13 to come with haste.

Spoilers for Part 1 below, obviously!!!!

Colin and Penelope are FINALLY together, but we still have four episodes of the season to go and a very large secret hanging over the new couple's heads: Colin doesn't know he just proposed marriage to Lady Whistledown.

Let's chat about all things Bridgerton

Netflix released a teaser for Part 2 that set up a few of the remaining storylines:

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From the trailer we know that:

— Penelope accepts Colin's proposal, and Eloise isn't happy about it.

— Eloise gives Pen an ultimatum that she has to tell Colin she is Lady Whistledown or Eloise will do it herself.

— Kate and Anthony return.

— Queen Charlotte will put out a reward for unmasking Lady Whistledown, which Cressida will attempt to claim.

Below are some questions I desperately need the show to answer in Part 2, as well as any clues I can piece together:

1. When will Kate and Anthony come back?

2. It's safe to assume Colin and Pen will get their happily ever after by the end of the season (this is Bridgerton, after all), but will that be before or after Colin learns that Penelope is Lady Whistledown?

3. And assuming Colin does find out about Pen's secret identity at some point, how is he going to react?

4. Can Eloise and Pen find their way back to being friends?

5. Are Francesca and John Stirling going to make things official?

6. Will there be two Bridgerton weddings by the end of the season?

7. Is Benedict going to have his heart broken by Lady Arnold?

8. Who will be the next Bridgerton sibling to have their love story?

9. Is Violet going to hook up with Lady Danbury's brother, or are they just gonna flirt a bit?

10. Why is Lady Danbury so mad at her brother?

11. Won't someone marry my beloved Lord Debling?

12. Is Portia and Mrs. Varley's forged document going to come to light, or will one of the Featherington sisters have a boy and keep the house?

13. Finally, are Cressida's dresses and hairstyles going to get any smaller?

What are your burning questions for Part 2? Do you have any theories of your own? Comment below, dearest gentle reader, while we impatiently wait for Part 2 to drop on June 13.

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