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6 Best Instagrammable Places in Reykjavik

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Do you love travelling to scenic landscapes and post picturesque snaps on your Instagram? How about travelling to one of the most underrated places in the world to add to your Instagram? We are talking about Reykjavik, the vibrant capital of Iceland. Its breathtaking landscapes and stunning nightlife make it a suitable destination for practising some incredible photography. Read along to find out best Instagrammable places in Reykjavik.

Also known as the land of fire and ice, it has been a significant tourist destination. The place has a mix of urban beauty and natural charm. The place is heaven for Instagram lovers who want to capture off-beat moments.

Does the idea seem appealing? If yes, we have a list to make your Reykjavik trip easier.

6 Best Instagrammable Places in Reykjavik:

1. Blue Lagoon

One of the most prominent destinations you may visit in Iceland is the Blue Lagoon. It is a one-of-its-kind geothermal spa between the local lava fields. It has milky blue water that gives it this name. Its high silica content gives it a misty texture. The spa creates a surreal, steamy atmosphere you will never forget. The volcanic background behind the bluish lagoon has a beauty similar to a classic painting by a seasoned photographer.

6 Best Instagrammable Places in Reykjavik

In this setting, any kind of image you will capture will always remain the best in your photo album. The water is said to have healing properties, and you can dip in the warm and luxurious water. The images of people swarming in these waters with a steamy surface look mesmerising.

2. Hallgrímskirkja Church

Are you looking for an architectural marvel in the busy capital? If so, you can’t miss out on visiting the Hallgrimskirkja Church. It is the tallest church in the city, with exceptional construction, inviting thousands of visitors daily. You can photograph it from every angle, and it will look equally stunning to the eyes.

6 Best Instagrammable Places in Reykjavik - Hallgrímskirkja Church

The wonderful Lutheran Parish church has a unique curved spire and side wings that exude an irresistible beauty. The soaring tower gives unmatched panoramic views overlooking the city. Moreover, its design, inspired by Iceland’s iconic basalt lava formations, would provide a distinct edge to your Instagram. During different hours of the day, the varying levels of natural light cast different shapes of shadows that give you a chance to use your creativity.

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3. Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre

Are you a fan of live music concerts? If yes, then a trip to Harpa Concert Hall and Concert Centre is something you shall cherish for life. The construction of the structure reflects excellent architectural skills. Its building has a gorgeous glass façade and geometric patterns beyond human hold.

6 Best Instagrammable Places in Reykjavik - Harpa Concert Hall

Being an essential centre for holding some of the major conferences in the country, the place was designed by a team of prominent architects. It reflects and refracts light in a kaleidoscope of colours that is a wonder worth capturing with your smartphone or camera gears. Likewise, it has elegant and enchanting interiors that are equally captivating, with innovative shadows formed.

4. Whales of Iceland

Several places with rich lives give you an exemplary glimpse into the wilderness. But only a few of them take you to explore the incredible ecosystem beneath the ocean. If you are keen to get that insight, Iceland is your next step. The unique environment of Iceland gives you a staggering 90%-95% chance of spotting a whale. 

6 Best Instagrammable Places in Reykjavik - Whale Watching

Prepare your smartphones or cameras and get to click on the best of oceanic wildlife. You will be able to capture stunning images of different life-sized whale species found in waters surrounding the country. It will reflect your adventurous side on your Instagram feed and help you raise awareness of their conservation. The camera snaps featuring gentle giant whales lead to thought-provoking images of these creatures.

5. Nightlife and Graffiti Walls In Reykjavik

Being a modern and vibrant capital, Reykjavik offers you a chance to experience the most beautiful nightlife ever in your life. Many bars, clubs, and other entertainment spots come to life in the dark. The colourful images of this joyous and energetic nightlife under the dark sky and moonlight will show an envious side of life on your Instagram profile.

6 Best Instagrammable Places in Reykjavik - Graffiti WallsGuide To Reykjavik

Another attractive aspect of this contemporary capital is its artistic streets with cool Graffiti walls. This colourful and creative scene gives you countless chances to click Instagram-worthy shots. Local artists make some, while International artists draw others, transforming simple walls into unforgettable memories. The mix of bold colours, a variety of typography, and an amalgamation of different ideas represent the urban aspect of the city. 

6. Reykjavik’s Colorful Houses

6 Best Instagrammable Places in Reykjavik - Cityscape

The colourful side of Reykjavik isn’t limited to its vibrant life. The houses lining the city also have bright-colored exteriors. It seems like a scene straight out of a fantasy. These cosy, charming houses in red, yellow, blue, etc., colours against the monochrome landscapes are something you won’t forget for life. It will give you aesthetic shots with a unique character to your social media.

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