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“Aakhir Wo Din Aa Hi Gaya,” Twitter Floods With Hilarious Memes As Gyms Will Reopen In Unlock 3.0

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There is no denying the fact that the number of coronavirus positive patients is increasing day by day after the government has lifted lockdown. What makes the matter worse is the fact that the speed of increase in the number of patients is very high and more than 55,000 COVID-19 patients have been registered yesterday only in the country.

The Indian government imposed lockdown in the later part of March which continued for more than 3 months and after that, the process of unlocking the country was initiated. Now the government has released the guidelines of Unlock 3 and fitness lovers are pretty happy as gyms and yoga centers will be allowed to open from August 5.

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Schools, colleges, cinema halls, pubs, discos, swimming pools, metros, etc. will still remain closed till August 31. Gyms and yoga centers will have to follow the standard operating procedures which have been issued by the Indian government in order to ensure that their customers remain safe from the lethal virus.

As soon as the government released the guidelines regarding the Unlock 3, fitness lovers started expressing their happiness on the social media networks. There were some who were not happy with this decision as the number of COVID-19 patients is increasing at a very high rate while several others questioned that if gyms and yoga centers are allowed to open, why cinema halls, pubs and discos are not given the permission to open.

The micro-blogging site Twitter was flooded with hilarious memes over Unlock 3, especially on the re-opening of gyms and yoga centers, and these tweets will make you go ROFL:


#unlock3.0 gym opens from August 5. Gym owner’s be like. #luxuryakhada #impuri46 pic.twitter.com/eIci8p2e3d

— Rohit Puri (@impuri46) July 30, 2020


"As per the new MHA guidelines,gyms will be allowed to operate from August 5" #Unlock3

Gym freaks-: me-: pic.twitter.com/PkQZ2co6If

— Memeistan183 (@memeistan183) July 29, 2020



Gym owner right now 😅pic.twitter.com/kmebNO5y30

— Ts Soni (@BollyFilmR) July 29, 2020


#Unlock3 Guidelines Contains

GYM to be open

Le Fitness freak be like:- pic.twitter.com/3HJsvbquJ7

— Rachit Maheshwari (@RachitNawal) July 29, 2020


Gym owners Right now: pic.twitter.com/4dHJPeHNAu

— Ritviz Tweeps⚡🚴 (@eklauta_) July 29, 2020


Gyms, yoga institutes open from August 5

Gym lover rn:- pic.twitter.com/pooWViTemd

— Paapi Gudiya😎 (@epic_meme00) July 29, 2020



Gym freak people back to gym right now be like pic.twitter.com/rwbAY9WIFh

— Deeksha Jain (@hungry_heart68) July 29, 2020


Fitness Freaks after listening Gyms are going to open now . pic.twitter.com/j1cB12aXre

— THE | Epic Blogger | (@Kush_official_) July 29, 2020


*Gym Opens*

Gym Lovers To Their Gym Owners :#Unlock3 pic.twitter.com/ahotvg2ggG

— 𝑀𝓇 𝑀𝑒𝓂𝑒𝓇 🎗 (@silver_shades7) July 29, 2020



Gym freaks on 5 August: pic.twitter.com/mhhOKrKnEl

— Red Dot (@Pat_Se_Headsh0t) July 29, 2020



Gym Lover rn:- pic.twitter.com/4448X9zq8H

— Nickk (@Nickk7711) July 29, 2020


Government allows gyms to reopen;
Bodybuilders after hearing this news : pic.twitter.com/IJXOTYa9Ga

— Mehul Patel (@anonymous_entry) July 29, 2020


On next day,after opening the gym,
Trainer:-#Unlock3 pic.twitter.com/OVp6MP4Gud

— Shant (@move123456789) July 29, 2020


#Unlock3 #unlock3guidelines
Gym owners welcoming members after months be like -: pic.twitter.com/v1qYW6qqqQ

— Utkarsh Mahajan (@UtkarshMahaja18) July 29, 2020



Gym lovers right now:- pic.twitter.com/S3VrgqWklf

— Memeistan183 (@memeistan183) July 29, 2020

The coronavirus outbreak has taken more than 674K lives in the whole world while over 17.3 million COVID-19 positive patients have been registered across the globe. The Indian government has also allowed the opening of stadiums but the entry of the spectators has been prohibited as of now.

Be sure of following the safety guidelines if you are also going to visit gym or yoga center to stay protected from coronavirus.

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