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"AITA For Outing My Secretly Pregnant Cousin Who Was Lying To My Crush" And Other "Bridgerton"-Themed AITA Questions We Need Settled ASAP

1 month ago 33

Penelope, girl, it doesn't look good that you're always in the middle of the mess...

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I love Bridgerton as much as the next person (especially that library scene; it will always be famous to me). But it's not a secret that it gets messy.

From Penelope trying to "save" Eloise from the Queen's suspicion (Team Eloise) to the love triangle from Season 2, there are a couple of situations I need to see where the general opinion lies on who's right and who's wrong:

SPOILERS AHEAD: this quiz discusses topics from the beginning of the series to Season 3 Part 1

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Who's been the biggest asshole from the series? Who's been wrongfully labeled as a bad guy? Let me know in the comments below!

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