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Amazon Sells 6 Buckets For Rs 26K & 2 Mugs For Rs 10K After Heavy Discounts, Twitter Goes WTF

2 years ago 180

There have been instances when we have seen luxury brands selling their products at exorbitant prices, for example, recently we informed you about the worn-out and dirty sneakers which were getting sold for whopping Rs. 48K by Balenciaga or Zara selling a lungi (which is easily available for Rs. 100-200) at a price of Rs. 6K or a Rs. 66K folding chair bag which can store just nothing and the list is very long.

There are many other examples to prove that luxury fashion brands charge insane amounts for their products but can you ever think that a set of 6 plastic buckets can be sold for Rs. 25,999 and that too after a discount of 28 percent. Yes, you read that right! Even more amazingly, the maximum retail price of this set is shown as Rs. 35,900 and it was available on the portal of e-commerce giant Amazon.

A set of six buckets cost Rs 25,000 at @amazonIN this is after discount, else it was Rs 35,000 😭 what kind of loot/ or fraud is it. @jagograhakjago @praveendel pic.twitter.com/xTY8ajXWaY

— Anuradha Shukla (@anu1122) May 24, 2022

If this was not enough, 2 plastic mugs were getting sold at a huge price of Rs. 9,914 after applying a discount of 55 percent.

Earlier the plastic bucket was shown unavailable, though it has a review in which the online user sarcastically praised the bucket a lot and goes on to say that it is so good that it should have been priced at Rs. 99,999.

Though both the products have been removed from the website now, people still didn’t miss the chance of having some fun through hilarious memes and sarcastic reactions. Here are some selected ones:


Fir in buckets me pani bharenge ya inhe as a Asset sambhal kar rakhenge for future generations?? 🤔

— Dipesh (@Dipeshpatidar) May 25, 2022


You bought it already. How will we survive without this bucket now pic.twitter.com/QBD5W1o7Wg

— Sonia Singh (@thesinghsonia) May 24, 2022


हमारे यहा बुद्ध बाजार में 800 में 6 मिल जायेंगे, वो भी बिना डिस्काउंट के 🤪

— Pushkar ojha (@Pushkar_ojha16) May 25, 2022


Saala , ab bucket ke liye bhi kidney bechna padega. Deva re deva. @amazon @amazonIN pic.twitter.com/f9JzYiPZXT

— PK ツ (@pk_corev) May 24, 2022


May be it is made by apple or any other brand 😹

— keyur patel (@keyurpatel28) May 25, 2022


I m not taking bath at this price 😂

— Ak (@Ak310887) May 25, 2022


at that cost this bucket better be turning water into wine

— Tina Gurnaney (@TinaGurnaney) May 23, 2022


Har Bucket me shyd Tata ka Himalayan Mineral Water bhi aayga nahaane ke liye

— Hooohaaaa (@vks17chd) May 24, 2022


Every thing is okay, but this thing is not, ab nahne ke liye bhi instalments dena padega🙄 pic.twitter.com/mRYcZiiEuh

— Aryan yadav⚡ (@iAryan_yadav) May 24, 2022


Buy it. It's a status thing. You'll be the only person who has a bucket that costs 25k. It's a piece of rare art. It's Web 0 redefined.

Then sell it for $3 million

— Adithya Venkatesan (@adadithya) May 23, 2022


Precisely what I want in dahej

— Ojasvi Yadav (@ojasvi_yadav) May 23, 2022


There are hidden cost and there may be hidden material of the bucket.

— Shailendra Jha (@ShailendraJha28) May 25, 2022


Emi par ley lo ,poor ppl har choti baat k leye tweet kar deyte h.
Royal balti h vo, pata kuch h nahe, tweet karne aa gye.

— Anand Singh (@anandvirus) May 24, 2022


ये तो चायपत्ती और डिटर्जेंट के साथ फ्री मिलता है जी

— Rajendra Singh (@1Aadivasi) May 24, 2022

Well, the products have been listed on Amazon but this is not the company’s fault completely as it is the duty of the seller or vendor to list products and give details about it. Presently, the products have been removed from the site and the Amazon customer care has also ensured the Twitter user that they will look into the matter.

The Internet is certainly a funny place, what do you say?

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