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Asur 2 Review: A Captivating Psychological Thriller

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Asur 2 Review: In 2020, JioCinema came with its original series Asur featuring Arshad Warsi, Barun Sobti among others. The series became famous owing to its unique take on Hindu mythology and philosophy while blending it with psychological crime thriller.

Asur 2 takes viewers on a similar journey through the realm of psychology, intertwining it with the enigmatic aspects of mythology. The story follows two genuis minds reprising their roles as forensice experts, played by Arshad Warsi and Barun Sobti, who find themselves entangled in a sinister combat against an ancient evil. The central plot of the first show was the cat and mouse game between the experts and a killer who believes himself to be an incarnation of asura kali. 

The gripping portrayal of this season explores their pursuit of truth, as they navigate through a web of cryptic indications and psychological intricacies. As Asur 2 becomes the most popular Indian web series according to IMDb world ratings and garner 300 crore minutes of watch time in just three weeks.

We bring to you Asur 2 review to give a peek into the show:

 A Captivating Psychological Thriller

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One of the distinct features of Asur 2 that may force you to watch this series over the others lies in its potential to dive deep into the human psyche. In the age of ultra-heroism where we are fixated on a clear line between good and bad and deriving our morality from a fixed perspective, this suspenseful thriller revolves around characters who constantly find themselves involved in internal confrontations, battling their own intellects and guts.

The series executes a deft mixture of tension, suspense enigma, and psychological components. Spectators are pulled into the character’s emotional upheaval, experiencing the intensity of their psychological conflicts firsthand.

A place where Asur 2 might lack for some is its use of philosophical and mythological aspects that might pace down the story and lose the tension that a crime thriller is supposed to have. The first season also faced the same problem when it entangled numerous things together and some claimed that it got lost in its own net. 

 A Captivating Psychological Thriller

Image – Cinetales

However, it is also worth noting that what sets Asur 2 apart from traditional psychological thrillers is its extraordinary integration of mythological elements. It seems almost unique to see ancient stories and tales being blended into modern day setting, bringing a refreshing perspective for the viewers. 

Coming to performances, almost all the characters from the preceding season lead the show with a few newcomers. 

Arshad Warsi shines throughout the show with his captivating and impactful performance. His character DJ, had taken shelter in spirituality after the painful past. 

Barun Sobti alsoi impresses once again with his masterful acting skills. Nikhil Nair is still haunted by his past and dealing with the death of her daughter Riya for which he holds himself responsible. In scenes where he grapples with the guilt while also pursuing the case, he captivates the audience with his impressive theatrical skills. `

Joining the known faces are Meiyang Chang, Adihi Kalkunte and Abhishek Chauhan, all of whom gave stellar performances. 

 A Captivating Psychological Thriller

Image – Twitter

Meiyang Chang shines as Paul Shangpliang, a dedicated member of the Anti-Terror Force (ATF), while Adithi Kalkunte impresses as Ishani Chaudhary, and Abhishek Chauhan of course impeccably portrays adult Shubh Joshi. 

The series delves into and explores the psyche of each character, adding layers of complexity to the story. As the narrative unfolds, the audience is taken on an emotional rollercoaster ride, exploring the different challenges faced by every character. 

With its exceptional storytelling and remarkable performances, the series manages to stand out among other web series released in India.

The engaging plotline keeps the audience affixed to their screens, although there are instants when the hourly instalments feel slightly extended. This is one of the shortcomings specially for a web series where viewers have a choice to drop mid-way unlike movies that take less time to complete. 

 A Captivating Psychological Thriller

Image – The Envoy Web

Nevertheless, since its release, Asur 2 has garnered critical acclaim and an enthusiastic fan following- especially from those who enjoyed the first season as well. The show’s ability to keep viewers engaged till now and its mixed reviews, but mostly positive, has propelled it to the forefront of the psychological thriller genre.


In conclusion, Asur 2 is a captivating psychological and mythological crime thriller that seamlessly integrate the ancient myths with its modern day background, showing an excellent juxtaposition. Its potential to untangle the complexities of the human psyche and produce a thought-provoking narrative sets it apart from its counterparts. If you have already watch season 1 , there is no reason why you should miss out on this enthralling thriller that gives you at least a satisfying break from the generic content. Hope you enjoyed this Asur 2 review!

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