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‘Badhti Umar Kunwari Ki’ – A Sensible Video That Perfectly Deals With Issue Of Remarriage

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Avatar of Shuchi Bhatnagar

Published on Mar 12, 2023

Remarriage is considered a taboo in Indian society and many people fear giving life a second chance because if they don’t find the right person, it will affect not just their lives but the lives of people associated with them, for instance their kids, parents and family members.

On the other hand, there are some people who don’t get married at the ‘right’ age set by the society while chasing their passion or desired career or due to some other reasons and when they want to get hitched, circumstances are not favourable. Such individuals get to hear a lot of unpleasant comments and taunts; for instance – there must be some fault in the person or problem in their character and if not these, then they are asked to make compromises as the age is not on their side. Their every step is scanned and people don’t leave a single chance to criticize them.

This Women’s Day, here is a beautiful video which deals with these two sensitive topics in a brilliant manner. How two people who were different but felt connected at heart fell for each other, how they broke shackles of orthodox and conservatism and gradually got married has been beautifully depicted in the video entitled “Badhti Umar Kunwari Ki”.

Watch it here:

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Embrace love again, spread positivity and inspire hope for a bright and fulfilling future.

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