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Cinema Halls To Reopen From October 15, Twitter Celebrated With Hilarious Memes

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The whole world was brought to a standstill by the coronavirus pandemic and India was no exception to it. In fact, India was very few of those countries which imposed lockdown at an early stage and quite effectively as well. The schools, colleges, cinema halls, malls, gyms and all such places where crowd gathering could happen were closed down. While the schools and colleges will still remain closed, the government has decided to reopen the cinema halls from October 15.

The central government has released the guidelines for the Unlock 5 and in this phase, the government has allowed social, political, academic, sports, religious and entertainment events but with the maximum attendance of 100 people only outside the containment zones. The cinema halls have been allowed to open with 50 percent attendance with the upper limit of 200 and it has certainly brought a smile on many faces.

#Unlock5 Social/ academic/ sports/ entertainment/ cultural/ religious/ political functions and other congregations have already been permitted with a ceiling of 100 persons, outside COVID19 containment zones only: Government of India https://t.co/QsQ1HDKtiK

— ANI (@ANI) September 30, 2020

This news must have given some relief to the owners of cinema halls and also to those who are employed in this industry as they have been sitting at home for around 6 months. A lot of time will be needed for them to recover their losses as 50% attendance is quite less for them to operate but at least they will start earning now.

The moviemakers will also be little happy as the release of many movies was postponed; however some filmmakers opted for digital release of their flicks as they were not in a position to block their funds for more duration.

Twitterati also reacted in a big way to this news as many of us have been missing watching movies on the big screen. Here are some of the selected reactions:


Couples right now..😁#Unlock5 pic.twitter.com/vwkAkBqBqV

— RVCJ Media (@RVCJ_FB) September 30, 2020


#Theatres To Reopen From 15th October 2020! #Unlock5

Couples Be Like :- pic.twitter.com/cvhgftOWEP

— VIHAN (@ig_vihan) October 1, 2020



* Theatres to reopen from Oct 15 *

Meanwhile OTT Platform (Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar) : pic.twitter.com/FhF4AyE2j9

— Memes Buffering🇮🇳 (@ash_carys) September 30, 2020


Movie theaters to reopen with 50% capacity

Meanwhile lover Nibbi/Nibba to Government : pic.twitter.com/0pROxzre6I

— 🆁🅸🆂🅷🅰🅱🅷 ⍟ (@rishabh_memes) September 30, 2020


When you protested against JEE and NEET
But now you want to go for a movie with friends
Your Papa ji –#Unlock5 pic.twitter.com/ExpVZyotqv

— Deepash Shukla (@sab_mein_expert) September 30, 2020


Movie Theatres to reopen from 15th October in #Unlock5

Meanwhile Theatre Screens to Akshay Kumar : pic.twitter.com/1chc9X4sth

— Vishal Bansal (@IAmVishalBansal) October 1, 2020


#Unlock5 #unlock5guidelines
Govt of India issues new guidelines for 'Re-opening' of cinema halls, multiplexes & entertainment parks from 15th October..
Le #coronavirus after seeing the daring of Indians: pic.twitter.com/OiEBjA2Gpg

— Tweet_Bazz (@itweetbazz) September 30, 2020


Thinking aloud on #Unlock5

Cinema halls to open from October 15th onwards with 50% occupancy. 🎥

Positive side: Those going for 1st time theatre make out 🤗 scenes will have it easy 💋#theatres #unlock5guidelines pic.twitter.com/vDDAooiVz3

— Nigel D'Souza (@Nigel__DSouza) September 30, 2020


#Reopencolleges #reopenuniversities #Unlock5

— Farhin lanja (@Farhinnn_) October 1, 2020


Govt of India issues new guidelines for 'Re-opening'; cinema halls/ multiplexes/ entertainment parks to re-open from 15th October #Unlock5 #unlock5guidelines

Unfortunately Le Corona :- pic.twitter.com/RsJZzeaTZk

— Dilip Rangwani (@ItsRDil) September 30, 2020


Unlock1 Unlock2 Unlock3 Unlock4 #Unlock5 …… pic.twitter.com/yVmVgTJnx5

— इधर थूकना मना है! (@contacteduco) September 30, 2020


Theatres to open in unlock 5 with 50% occupancy. #Unlock5

Akshay Kumar with his 4 movies : pic.twitter.com/PKVm6ddEB2

— F I V E (@_JustRise) September 30, 2020


Theatres to open in #Unlock5 with 50% occupancy

Akshay Kumar And Ajay Devgan : pic.twitter.com/IcOP2czoSx

— Sohail Alim (@alim_sohail) September 30, 2020


#Theatres To Reopen From 15th October 2020! #Unlock5

Meanwhile Couples Be Like :- pic.twitter.com/YOht2qoiF4

— VIHAN (@ig_vihan) October 1, 2020


School's/college management, Movie lover's#Unlock5 pic.twitter.com/C1dLbk6ONu

— Baachi (@Bharadwaj1009) October 1, 2020

While it is good for the economy that more and more economic activities are starting, we also need to ensure that we take all the precautions because the situation of COVID-19 is not under control in India. Till now, more than 6.39 million people have been registered as coronavirus positive patients in India while over 99,700 have lost their lives. The good thing is that more than 5.35 million have recovered in India as well but we need to remember that prevention is always better than cure.

What is your take on the reopening of cinema halls?

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