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Dad Roasts Son In An Epic Way For Incorrectly Ordering Food Online, Twitter Goes ROFL

2 years ago 138

Desi dads are mostly known for being strict and disciplined, however some modern day fathers have started behaving more like friends to their kids rather than as fathers because it helps them have a good bonding with their children. But there is no denying the fact that Indian fathers are savage and they don’t miss a chance of pulling leg, especially of their son.

Recently, a Twitter user named Jitu shared a screenshot of a family group WhatsApp chat in which his father roasted him badly which made his mother laugh out loud. Jitu informed his parents that he got refund from Swiggy because the order got delivered on the wrong address. In response, Jitu’s father took a dig at him by saying that he (Jitu) was also ordered by mistake but he (Jitu’s father) did not get the refund and the response by Jitu’s mummy further made the whole scenario more hilarious.

See the screenshot:

Jitu shared the screenshot with the caption, “Wanted to eat roasted chicken but got roasted instead”.

Wanted to eat roasted chicken but got roasted instead 😃 pic.twitter.com/mV4DBjGXNH

— Jitu (@JituGalani5) July 2, 2022

Soon, Twitter users also started trolling Jitu but there were some who called the screenshot fake, saying desi parents don’t respond with such savage text and that too in a minute. Check out some of the selected reactions:


Ye lo pic.twitter.com/NTlDTpYC3r

— Harshhh! (@Harsh_humour) July 2, 2022


Savage level 1000000000😅😅😅

— Apathetic🥂 (@_On__My__Way) July 2, 2022


Dukh Dard peeda

— ANKUSH (@Unboxhumour) July 2, 2022


You should've replied "swiggy loss mai chal rhi hai aap nai" 🤣🤣 https://t.co/KGgpzciWAp

— beri_wal9 (@flighted_) July 3, 2022


Uncle savage😭😭😭

— jyots (@jyotat0) July 2, 2022


Kitna parivarik mahool hai 🥱 https://t.co/rEq1mdhPu2

🇦🇷 (@Saccharine_18) July 2, 2022


Even the mother is laughing 😂😭😭

— Piyush Jaiswal (@d3simerollin) July 2, 2022


Kya itna bura hoon mai maa pic.twitter.com/ejvItxq5iY

— Harshi Bansal (@memesoverpeople) July 2, 2022


Your parents are typing a text lmao? My papa literally reply with “👍” to my every text https://t.co/AdnMbp1OyL

— Shreya (@wtffkohli) July 3, 2022


https://t.co/x1BUVVa5lb pic.twitter.com/L7IfszY7wp

— ಸೂರಜ್/Suraj (@SR_X86) July 3, 2022


this is so fake no parents txt back within a minute tf? https://t.co/p1lkrHe7bc

— v💤 (@flakyhere) July 3, 2022

Fake or real, the responses from mom and dad were just savage!

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