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Fans Are Comparing The "Bridgerton" Brothers To Another Famous Trio And I Can't Unsee It

3 weeks ago 28

The big three has unlimited amounts of game. We're talking about Anthony, Benedict and Colin Bridgerton.

Three images of Jonathan Bailey, Luke Thompson, and Luke Newton in period costumes from Bridgerton, each in a different setting


The swoonworthy trio have each proved their gusto and charisma with each passing season of Bridgerton. However, thanks to a comparison I saw online I can no longer take their sultry brooding seriously.

Jonathan Bailey in period costume with a high-collared coat and cravat, in a scene from a TV show or movie set against an outdoor backdrop with greenery


Anthony, Benedict and Colin are being compared to Joe, Kevin and Nick Jonas in a series of photos circulating TikTok.

Jonathan Bailey wearing a period costume and Joe Jonas in modern casual attire with the text "I can’t unsee it."

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Side-by-side image of Jonathan Bailey in period clothing from "Bridgerton" and Kevin Jonas in a casual shirt, with text overlay "I can't unsee it."

 "I can’t unsee it."

Looks are one thing but the accuracy of this comparison heightens when you consider the Jonas Brothers characters in Camp Rock.

Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Nick Jonas, and two children smile for a photo indoors. Joe wears glasses and a hoodie; Nick has a scarf


Just like Anthony, Joe's character Shane is THE hottest thing on the block. He leads his band of brothers and inspires greatness in them. The women of the 'Ton and the fans at Camp Rock fall at their feet.

Jason Gray (played by Kevin Jonas) is the artsy type — he never takes anything too seriously and brings a touch of comedic relief between the seriousness of his other brothers. Just like Benedict Bridgerton, he's sweet and different to the rest.

And finally Colin Bridgerton's lookalike, Nate Gray (played by Nick Jonas) is still trying to figure it out. He keeps everyone calm and is a great writer. Even though he's the baby of the trio, he also holds his own weight in rizz and confidence.

If the stars are aligning correctly that means that Gregory Bridgerton needs to be likened to Frankie Jonas to complete the prophecy. How will that play out in the second half of season 3?

Only time will tell...

Now, an important question to ask you all...

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