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From Fake Outing Plans To Love Proposals, Social Media Flooded With Funny April Fools’ Day Memes

2 weeks ago 8

Some of us like to play pranks on others but we often stop ourselves as we are afraid that the other person may not like it or he may get offended but there is one day in the year when we can play pranks on others and the other person will also laugh with us even after realising that they have been fooled. Yes, we are talking about April 1 which is also known as April Fools’ Day and on this day, people play pranks on each other and have fun.

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Nowadays, the social media networks also help us in playing pranks on each other; in fact with their help, we can play prank on many people at the same time. The social media networks were flooded with memes and jokes on April Fools’ Day as people didn’t want to miss the opportunity to laugh a little despite the fact that the times are tough.

Many people also expressed their agony by saying that the whole past one year has been like an April Fools’ Day.

Here are some of the selected memes and jokes:


Happy #AprilFoolsDay everyone 😭😭pic.twitter.com/VPxxAPpwSV

— YUSEE🕳🧑🏾‍🦯 (@_yusee__) April 1, 2021


My brother just #AprilFools – ed me saying, we'll be going on a roadtrip… Heart broke as he told me it's a joke pic.twitter.com/BTw2fJepGi

— Dian5402 (@Dian5402Drm) April 1, 2021


I just realised.. no-one has proposed me even on April fool day.. pic.twitter.com/3Doc2LbiqJ

— Attached 🏵🌠 (@Antique_piece_) April 2, 2021


I pranked my work gc for April Fools and our CEO is going along with it hahahahahaha lmao help pic.twitter.com/X6nrixapLc

— that xxty // ☀🍉😜 | twt au 📌 (@itsmixxty) April 1, 2021


Me at the end of april fool's day being fooled by every single tweet i saw pic.twitter.com/TriBDsq75B

— Cam™ (@outsidermn26) April 2, 2021


When your crush proposes you but its #AprilFools Day 🥺pic.twitter.com/1uNWgEoLT3

— Suchi Bisouriya (@vishi245) April 1, 2021


falling for april fools jokes right after reminding myself it’s april fools 🧍‍♂️pic.twitter.com/j0t4FhAwqp

🍒🗻 ༝ ༝ (@reinacilla) April 1, 2021



*When it's your birthday on 1st April* pic.twitter.com/GRSPKxg1Uz

— Biswajit (@meme_lord_biswa) March 31, 2020


When you propose her on April fool day she be like : pic.twitter.com/1RzCFvxXks

— DeEpstic🌟 (@deep_casm_) April 1, 2021


No meme today cause this whole year still feels like an April Fools joke pic.twitter.com/Usgll4f2nk

— MGAG (@My_MGAG) April 1, 2021


This is weirdest April Fool prank have seen so far 😂😂😂😂
Share yours if you have any pic.twitter.com/42QQrAotQP

— D👁I👁C👁K👁S👁O👁N👁 (@sammiejozie) April 2, 2021


That's not a really funny April fool's joke 😒
Waited the whole day for nothing. pic.twitter.com/EiQXdTvFvv

— Kai-Yan 🧚🏻‍♀️✈ (@Kai_Yan_K) April 2, 2021



Though it was the time to have some laugh, we should also not forget that the COVID-19 cases are on rise in most of the states in India and hence, we request all to follow safety precautions and guidelines in a proper manner.

Stay safe and keep laughing!

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