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Harom Hara Review: Mass Sambhavam?

1 month ago 33

Actor Sudheer Babu has been struggling to score a hit in the last few years, and this time he decided to entertain the audience in a mass role with the movie “Harom Hara.” The whole movie team looked very confident in all the media interactions about the success of this movie.

Harom Hara is the story of Subramanyam, who moves to Kuppam village to work as a lab assistant, but a few situations in his life turn him into a gunsmith. The dangerous situations he had to face after turning into a gunsmith forms rest of the story.

Harom Hara movie has a very basic and flat story line that we have been used to watching for a few decades. Even the screenplay and emotions are very weak in the movie, but a few mass elevation scenes might connect with the audience, who loves to watch mass commercial movies. Action scenes are very well executed on screen.

Actor Sudheer Babu looked stunning in a complete mass role for the first time. Malavika Sharma was okay. Sunil had a meaty role, and he did fine. All the other actors were decent in their given roles.

Songs and background score composed by Chaitan Bharadwaj is one of the biggest assets for this movie. Arvind Viswanathan’s cinematography adds to the interest too. Production values are par.

Director Gnanasagar Dwaraka could have concentrated on the later half more. He relied more on the action and elevation scenes for the main lead.

Overall, Harom Hara is not a great commercial movie, but it can be watched for a few mass scenes and Sudheer Babu’s efforts.

Bhargav Reddy

I am a passionate content writer and critic with extensive experience in the entertainment industry. I write reviews, opinion pieces, feature stories, and interviews for way2ott.com. With a Bachelor's degree in Media Studies from IIT Bombay, I have the knowledge to analyze media texts critically and provide insightful commentary on film, television series, web series' etc.

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