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Here’s What People Are Saying About "Eric," The New Netflix Thriller Starring Benedict Cumberbatch

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Benedict Cumberbatch does it again in the lead role in Netflix’s new series, Eric. Cumberbatch takes on the role of Vincent, a jaded puppeteer stuck in a deteriorating marriage when his son, Edgar (Ivan Morris Howe) goes missing.

The limited series has already gained praise from critics and viewers. Its ambitious premise attempts to weave together plenty of themes prevalent in New York City in the 1980s, including crime, mental health, racism, and homophobia.

Eric is certainly an amazing seires, albeit an underrated one, and sees Cumberbatch in one of his most compelling roles lately. There's no doubt that this should be on your summer 2024 watchlist.

If you’ve debated whether or not to press play on this Netflix series, check out a few of the reactions below and perhaps, it might persuade you. (P.S. Spoilers ahead)


Eric on Netflix is fantastic. Great narrative, and social /historical references, yet no specific year or city. It alludes to NYC and the mid to late 80s HIV and Aids crisis is so smart. It addresses homelessness, homophobia, mental health, and addiction issues. I recommend it

— Dante Ross (@DanteRoss) June 3, 2024

Twitter: @DanteRoss


Genius in every way. The writing by Abi Morgan, the impeccable acting, the recreation of 80s New York, the way the storylines weave reality & fantasy. It’s got the innocence of a Jim Henson production, an underworld like Dante and tragic heroes like Shakespeare. #Eric on Netflix pic.twitter.com/D76YQIhF3x

— Back in Time West London (@OldLondonW14) June 1, 2024

Twitter: @OldLondonW14


While I’m firing off hot takes: I finished #Eric on Netflix and it’s... kind of a debacle? Points for ambition, since it tries to tackle a *ton* of themes (racism, police brutality, homelessness, etc.), but it wrestles with them in such a ham-fised and overwrought way. Not a fan.

— Jeremy Beck (@MovieManifesto) June 4, 2024

Twitter: @MovieManifesto


Just finished Eric on Netflix and what started as a “Cumberbatch, Puppets, Mystery? Title is Eric? This is made for me!” led to me watching an incredible commentary on the 80’s, fatherhood, racism, and corruption. It felt like something Jim Henson would have been proud of pic.twitter.com/h9UVHPwS92

— Eric Bartolotta (@Playalotta) June 2, 2024

Twitter: @Playalotta

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