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How To Increase Your E-Commerce Sales In 2022 And Beyond

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Now is an excellent time to own an e-commerce store. Online retail is an industry that has been steadily growing for many years. But, in the past couple of years, the rise of online shopping has accelerated beyond expectation. The e-commerce industry saw incredible growth of around 25 per cent worldwide in 2020 when the pandemic struck. Research shows that in 2020 more than two billion people purchased products and services online globally. This increase led to the worldwide sales of goods and services online surpassing $4.2 trillion during 2020. 

While the pandemic forced people to shop online when brick-and-mortar stores were closed, the appeal of online shopping shows no signs of slowing down. Consumers enjoy the convenience of shopping from home and having products delivered directly to their doors. The vast choice of goods available to buy online also adds to the appeal of the e-commerce shopping experience. This encourages people to continue shopping online even with regular stores open for business.

As an owner of an online store, you can achieve great success, and there has never been a better time to make this happen. If your e-commerce business is not performing as well as it could be, now is the perfect time to focus your attention on making it as successful as possible. Helping your online store realize its full potential will make 2022 your most successful year yet. Take a look at some of the ways you can make this happen and ensure the new year is a great one for your online business:

Set Clear Aims for the Year Ahead

To increase the success of your business in the coming year, you firstly need to know what success means for your business. While your overall aim may be to achieve more sales, it is helpful to make your goals more specific than this. Do you hope to increase the number of new customers that make a purchase from your business? Do you want to achieve more high-value sales? Or, maybe you want to encourage sales from repeat customers to build loyalty to your brand? Setting specific goals like these will ensure you can measure your progress throughout the year and create a clear path to long-term success. 

Once you have set your goals, you will have something specific to work towards. It is then essential to keep checking in throughout the year to monitor your progress and ensure you are on track. Measuring your results throughout the year will enable you to see what is working and what isn’t and adjust your approach according to these results.

Get Your Site Noticed

To increase your sales in the coming year, you firstly need to attract more visitors to your site. The more visitors from your target market that arrive at your website, the more likely they will convert and make a purchase. To get your site noticed, it is wise to focus your attention on improving its rankings for online searches relating to relevant keywords. Most internet users rarely scroll beyond the first three search engine results pages. So, aiming to ensure your business features in these first three pages is vital. Once you have achieved this, it is essential to improve your position further to get your site to page one and feature in a more prominent position. 

Improving your search engine results position requires you to work on your site’s search engine optimization (SEO). Working on your site’s SEO is not a simple task, but it will deliver impressive results for your website. There are several ways that your SEO can be improved; these include fixing any broken links, featuring relevant keywords within your content, and adding a sitemap.

Improve Your User Experience

Having a positive experience when using your e-commerce store will make sure that your visitors enjoy spending time on your website and find it easy to use. Ensuring that your website provides a positive user experience for your visitors is vital. Otherwise, they are unlikely to buy from you and even more unlikely to return to make future purchases. Working on your website’s user experience (UX) is an excellent way to ensure every visitor has a positive experience when they browse your site. It is helpful to think about your own experiences using different websites to make this happen. Doing this will help you to understand what customers like to see on a website and what they find frustrating. 

Making changes to ensure your site is easy to navigate is a great place to start. Improving your site navigation will enable your customers to find what they are looking for quickly and with minimal hassle. You can improve your site navigation by displaying your products in logical categories to make them easy to find. It is also helpful to ensure that your pages load quickly to make browsing your site a smooth experience and avoid your customers growing bored and navigating away from your site. 

Spending just a little time making improvements to the user experience of your site can make a vast difference to your sales. The simpler it is for customers to use your store, the more likely they will buy.

Image Pixabay CC0 License

Showcase Your Products

For your site visitors to make a purchase, you need your goods to look as appealing as possible. Your potential customers need to see your products looking at their best and gain an accurate idea of what they look like. Being unable to see products in person is one of the biggest barriers e-stores face and one reason some customers prefer shopping in person. But, if you provide plenty of product information on your website, you should be able to overcome this issue and encourage sales regardless. Focusing on improving your product listings and making them as informative and helpful as possible for potential customers is an excellent way to start. Thinking about the key information customers will want to know about your products is a perfect way to improve your product descriptions. Including details such as the product’s dimensions and how to care for it will help make it easier for your customers to make their purchase decisions. It is also helpful to include product images taken from different angles to show off the product’s main features. Working on your product descriptions and photography should help you to see an uptick in sales and guarantee more happy customers for your store.

Bring Your Products to Life

Bringing your products to life can provide an excellent way to capture the attention of potential customers. Sometimes, prospective customers may feel undecided about buying your product simply because they are unsure about precisely what it does and how it can benefit them. To convince customers to make a purchase, you need them to see how your products will enrich their lives and exactly how they work. Explainer videos are an excellent medium for showing what your products do and to demonstrate their features in action. But, to be effective and achieve the desired result, your explainer video needs to be high-quality and appealing to your audience. Commissioning an experienced Animation Studio to produce your video is a perfect way to get the results you hope to achieve. Having a high-quality, animated explainer video on your site will enhance your entire e-commerce store and ensure it captures the attention of potential customers, leaving them eager to discover your products for themselves. Seeing how a product works can make all the difference between a missed sale opportunity and securing a loyal customer.

Provide Excellent Service

Ensuring that every customer receives excellent service is vital for the success of any retail business. Receiving flawless service will encourage your customers to keep coming back to your business time and again and will help you to build up a base of loyal followers. Having a steady customer base that loves your products is a great way to ensure your business receives a stable stream of sales throughout the year. 

Providing excellent customer service requires a dedicated approach and a commitment to provide every visitor to your site with the best possible experience. Ensuring that you respond to queries quickly and that all your products are of high quality is an excellent place to start. It is also vital to process your orders as promptly as you can and to dispatch them quickly to ensure they arrive with your customers on time. Maintaining communication with your customers throughout the transaction is an excellent way to improve the customer experience and provide the best service. Sending an order confirmation as soon as the payment is complete shows customers that you value them and that their order matters to you. Updating the customer when the order has been dispatched and providing an expected delivery date is another excellent way to enhance your service and delight your customers. Providing excellent service may take more effort, but it is one of the most effective ways to increase your sales in both the short and long term.

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