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I Can't Stop Thinking About These 17 "Stranger Things" Fan Theories For Season 4, Volume 2

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If number 010 comes true, then my jaw will never leave the floor.

Since the end of Volume 1, fans everywhere have been coming up with all sorts of theories. Here are 17 of the most eyebrow-raising.

🚨 Warning 🚨 – This post contains spoilers for Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 1 and predictions for Volume 2. 

1. Firstly, fans are fairly certain that it was Vecna who took Will into the Upside Down all those seasons ago.


2. Another theory is that Will may actually be the villain. Perhaps Will surviving the Upside Down for so long was all part of Vecna and the Mindflayer's plan?


3. Villain or not, it is widely thought that Will won't make it to Season 5.


Reddit user K_M00, amongst others, referred specifically to the painting and how it's the newest of many things that have foreshadowed Will's demise – especially his continued awareness of the MF's presence. 

4. The painting itself is at the centre of much discussion, with the primary theory being that it's a depiction of Will's affection for Mike.

stranger things spoiler - - - - how are y’all BLIND to will’s pining over mike?? in s4e1 el writes to mike that will was acting strange bc he probably likes a “girl”, he’s painting something special for someone. then when mike gets off the plane he has that painting w him!!!!

09:19 PM - 29 May 2022

Twitter: @satellitecherry

Others suggest that it's non-romantic, and Will is expressing his love for their friendship instead.

5. One of the more viral fan theories concerns the school counsellor, Ms. Kelly — fans seem to think she may be an ally to Vecna.

Netflix / Buzzfeed

Not only did she meet with a number of Vecna's victims, but her necklace drew some attention from eagle-eyed viewers. With the grandfather clock in the Cleel home having a keyhole, fans seem to think this is too much of a coincidence to be nothing.

6. Other fans have gone even further, suggesting that she's even related to Vecna!

Twitter: @AVMfeed

7. A popular and fascinating theory, as suggested by Reddit user ashietree is that 001/Vecna is Eleven's father.


There are great similarities between the strength of their power, and she was the only one able to beat him. Also, how else would Brenner recreate 001's powers so quickly? There are also a lot of fatherhood themes throughout Volume 1 (think Hopper's 'gene' monologue and the return of Pappa) that suggest there may be something to this Star Wars-esque theory.

There are many theories about who is in charge in the Upside Down, so let's lay them out, with the help of Reddit user Johnnysokoll, who makes a case for both.

8. The case for Vecna being in charge.


According to Johnnysokoll, "This does not have as much supporting evidence, but could still be seen as valid because of how powerful he is. Vecna is the protagonists’ biggest threat to their survival thus far." 

What Johnnysokoll thinks could suggest that Vecna may be in control is the link between the Mindflayer and spiders: "Since young Henry was infatuated with spiders, it’s really intriguing to see how the Mindflayer’s illustration looks so much like a spider."

9. The case for Mindflayer being the controlling force.


Johnnysokoll is more convinced by this idea, saying: "Dustin theorises that the Upside Down has been around for 'thousands, maybe millions of years.' This obviously does not coincide with Henry Creel, later Vecna, being only around 30 years old."

And he finishes off the theory by referencing a key moment: "When 011 sends 001 the Upside Down, 001 is seen falling into a red abyss and being hit with what seems to be fireballs of some sort. If Vecna created the Upside Down, he obviously would not be getting hurt by it."

10. A theory that the internet blew up with is that Eddie is actually 010.


Yes, this all came about from one line about him having had a buzzcut, but you NEVER know.

11. Some fans have rejected the Eddie = 010 theory, saying that 010 was dead next to Brenner.

View this video on YouTube


However, Reddit user where-did-it suggested that the producers are instead deceiving us — pointing out that his body was not mangled and bloody like all of the others.

It doesn't end there (theory-wise) for Eddie.


People's imaginations are running wild over what could happen in the next volume. Particularly after this moment of the new teaser.

12. Like many others, Reddit user virgin_abloh69 believes that Eddie's rocking out will be him saving Nancy.


They pose the idea that this is Eddie, with no real prospects of innocence back in Hawkins, doing one last solo to the tune of Nancy's fave song and in doing so sacrificing himself to save Nance.

13. He'd need someone who knew her favourite song, and this fan account pointed out that Robin may indeed have that exact information.

Robin found Nancy's music tapes while searching her room. So she knows her favorite music... Will Robin save Nancy? 🤔 #StrangerThings4

11:00 PM - 04 Jun 2022

Twitter: @StrangerNews11

14. Another theory about Eddie's guitar solo is that he's doing it as a distraction tactic to give the others a better chance against Vecna.

15. Time has been a constant theme of Season 4, so obviously fans are dreaming up some concepts about time travel.

This fan suggests that there may be something connecting the start of every season that could hint to some future time travel shenanigans.

It's commonly thought that someone big is going to die, and everyone has their theories, but two stand out.


16. With many agreeing one of the core group may die, Steve seems to be the name on everyone's lips.

17. Meanwhile, fans are worried about Max as a result of the latest teaser photos for Volume 2.

Netflix / BuzzFeed

One of them pictures her distant, gaunt-looking, away from the rest of the group. Fans have responded to the pic. saying, "Why is Max standing so far back? WHY IS MAX STANDING SO FAR BACK?” and, "Something is not OK."

Who knows whether any of these theories will prove correct — that's the beauty of speculation! But you can find out when the final parts of Stranger Things Season 4 air on July 1 on Netflix.

Don't forget to let us know your predictions in the comments below!

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