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I Watched “Life With Derek” For The First Time In 19 Years, And Boy, Did We Miss Some *Very* Wild Details When We Were Kids

1 month ago 27

Like every other Canadian millennial and Gen Z'er, I grew up watching the masterpiece that was Life With Derek. And, you know, everything else on Family Channel.

But I recently realized that honestly, as much as I hum the theme song every now and then, I haven't actually seen an episode — or even a clip of an episode — since the show came out in 2005. Which isn't more than five years ago in my brain, but if my math is right, that's actually ALMOST TWENTY YEARS AGO.

So, I decided I, as well as every other Canadian on the Internet, needed a refresher. I graciously took thirty minutes to do some intense research, in the form of rewatching the first-ever episode of Life With Derek. And wow, I had a LOT of thoughts:

1. Derek having records on his wall is so "rock '00s teen boy." What a nice little addition.

2. No shade, but the acting is… different… than I thought. When I was a kid, it was like Emmy-level acting, but now it seems a tad exaggerated. But hey, it did its job back in the day.

3. THIS INTRO IS SO ICONIC AND NOSTALGIC, WOW. What a bop!! I completely forgot about the "a new school, a new house" part, and it KILLED.

4. Um, this show was a mock-umentary? Why did I completely forget there were interviews? I feel like that's definitely something I would've remembered.

5. I know this is a fun kids show and whatever, but the underlying storyline is, like, REEEALLY deep and serious. Casey is a trooper; at her age I would’ve seriously thrown a fit about this whole situation.

6. It irked me deeply when Casey's mom said, "Casey, please, no more lists. Let’s tackle one thing at a time." I’m sorry — there has never, nor will there EVER be, anything wrong with making a list. Casey is a Type A queen, and I said what I said.

7. Casey's mom's hairstyle is soooo '00s mom chic. The slick, side-part bob — I haven’t seen one of those in years.

8. The dad calling Derek a "long-term project" is code for "I don't want to parent my kid despite him being rude to everyone." I’m heated.

9. I know Derek is supposed to be the villain here, but the parents are the TRUE villains. I know, love is love and they should get to be together, but also, they don’t seem to care about their kids nearly enough.

10. NOT CASEY'S MOM TELLING HER TO TALK TO HER GUIDANCE COUNSELLOR… instead of dealing with the problem herself??? Obviously we love therapy, but what???

11. Derek in 2024 would be a gym bro, and I know this based on this one part where he eats all the eggs.

12. I know everyone says this, but this REALLLLLLY does feel like the start of an enemies-to-lovers romcom. And that's just gross in its own way, but like, tell me their bickering isn't how every TikTok romance book starts.

13. I take back what I said about the guidance counsellor. It was clearly good advice to visit him, because this teacher is the best character in the show so far (other than Casey, who can do no wrong). This show was ahead of its time in promoting therapy and I am HERE FOR IT.

14. I love how this is meant to be Casey's "messy, dirty hair," and yet it looks better than my hair 99% of the time.

15. These transitions are equally random and amazing. TBH, one of the only parts of the show I actually did remember.

16. Sorry, but they expect to transform this basement into a beautiful bedroom in ONE WEEKEND? I know, TV magic, but like… not possible.

17. Lizzie is an underrated character. What a good little sister — couldn’t be me. I’m seriously afraid to look up how old the actor is now, though.

18. The dad is… a LAWYER? And they're waiting THREE YEARS to move out? And Casey just stopped going to PRIVATE SCHOOL? The math isn't mathing. I don’t understand why they can’t just move now.

19. Casey making sure the parents know about how "private" the basement is — to make them feel enticed to move down there — is just a genius move. And a gross one.

20. I'm pretty sure my family had this exact radio in our house when I was little.

21. Finally, the worst character in the show? Definitely the dad. He’s rude and insensitive. I hope his character gets better as the show goes on, but clearly I have no memory of that.

Anyway, this show is seriously AMAZING?? And I've been sleeping on it for the past 20 years. I feel bad for anyone who didn't grow up in the '00s, because they're seriously missing out.

What else do you remember about Life with Derek? Any thoughts I missed? Let me know below. Seriously, we need to keep talking about this show. And follow us on TikTok and Instagram for more Canadian nostalgia ✨

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