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IAF Pilot Shares An Adventurous Video Of Aviation Photography, Twitter Is Highly Impressed

3 weeks ago 11

There is no denying the fact that photography is not an easy job, though you may consider yourself an expert in photography because of your skill of taking selfies and photos with your smartphone. If you don’t believe us, just observe the wedding photographers who make sure that every photo is clicked in a flawless manner because marriage is certainly the most important event of our lives.

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If you still feel that being a wedding photographer is not a big deal, you should do a little research on the struggles faced by the nature and wildlife photographers. The wildlife photographers are on the mercy of nature and animals and this job also requires a lot of patience other than skills. And even after this all if you still feel that photography is not difficult, you should try aviation photography in which you have to keep your life at stake for a perfect shot.

Recently Anil Chopra, Indian Air Force Fighter Pilot and Air Marshal, took to the micro-blogging site Twitter and posted a video which showed how aviation photography is carried out. In the video, a female photographer is seen sitting on the edge of the aircraft and giving directions to the pilots of the jets which were flying in front of her.

Here is the video:

Aviation Photography 🙂 pic.twitter.com/h2DzOomx7u

— Aviator Anil Chopra (@Chopsyturvey) September 24, 2020

Click to watch this video directly on Twitter

Netizens loved the video and while some envied the job of the photographer, several others also showed their sense of humour by making funny comments. In simple words, a majority was impressed and enjoyed watching it. Check out some of the selected tweets:


Photographer to 3rd Aircraft pic.twitter.com/9IEaNHNCfU

— ⚉ΛΚ🇮🇳ΗΙΓΗ⚉ (@AkshithShetty93) September 24, 2020


Isko yaar koi family photographer ki tarah dub karo. Ae bhai chachaji aap peeche jao, peeche jao, Mama ji kahan jaa rahe ho, wahin baitho, haa bas kaafi hai, are fufaji kahan chal diye aap?

— Mullahji (@mullahinside) September 24, 2020


It reminds me of school days, when photographer used to make us stand according to height 😂😂😂 and we used to try standing near our friends.

— Unknown alien (@391a6e870374480) September 24, 2020


जिस तरह से आपने हाथ से सामने वाले जहाज़ को इशारा किया इससे ये बात साफ़ हो गयी कि आसमान में भी ज़मीन वाले ट्रेफिक सिग्नल चलते हैं 🙏

— Mohd Ashraf Khan (@MohdAsh91040410) September 24, 2020


What the hell is this ..hahaaha…. OMG… AC lining up like giving a pose… too damn amazing

— Shivakumar (@Shiv95BD070) September 24, 2020


The photographer is like 'Can you not hold still to a position for a few seconds? Why keep shifting?' 😂 https://t.co/9SPkaxEfjJ

— ࿗ Evered7 ࿗ (@evered7) September 24, 2020


Just reminds me of the same situation while passing in front of Dias during Parade.. Be in line boys.. Just maintain the right distance. Wonderful and courageous act. 👍🙏❤️

— Santosh Sharma (@Santosh47988835) September 24, 2020


Can the other planes even see his hand gestures because its remarkable how they all obeyed it.

— So? (@CherryColaZing) September 24, 2020


side side… are tujhe nahi.. pichhe wale ko bol raha hu… tu sahi hai.. wapis aa ja.

— Rahul Prajapati (@RahulReply) September 24, 2020


I think it's most toughest most dangerous and at the same time most amazing and adventurous job in world.

— Shivam (@ShivamC66154364) September 24, 2020


you on the back…move a little bit left …yes perfect. 😀Just wow https://t.co/WdjLjhi2Tn

— Manish Dureja (@ManishDureja) September 24, 2020


Even though tied from behind with a rope, how is the photographer sitting still as if there is no air blow?

— ज्ञानचोद दास छांछड़ ❁ (@hail_mogamb0) September 24, 2020


😂😂😂😂 that too damn funny , photographer is telling them instructions for photography

— siddharth gupta (@sid6897) September 25, 2020


Photography sessions can't get any more expensive than this😂

— Ajithksr (@Ajith_ksr) September 24, 2020


Being a Photographer I'm getting adrenaline rush and goosebumps while seeing this Photographer in action. 😇

— Rajesh Pati (@RajeshP71258818) September 25, 2020

Truly impressive!

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