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Man Compares Rajpal Yadav’s Funny Scenes To Months Of 2020 & It’s Among The Best Threads Ever

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The year 2020 has been marred badly by the coronavirus pandemic as it brought our lives to a standstill. Though the year started as usual, things began to turn ugly by March as COVID-19 was spreading at a high rate all over the world. The Indian government also flung into action and imposed lockdown in the country starting last week of March which continued for more than 3 months.

Though the government has now started unlocking the country but still the things are very bad and the number of infected persons in a day has crossed the 50K mark. What makes it more worrisome is the fact that we are at the fifth position in regard to the count of lost of life.

While some of us kept on working from home during the lockdown, there were many who learned new things and tried hands in those fields which they wanted to but never got time earlier. Movie buffs were also very disappointed as no film hit the theatres and it is still not clear when the cinema halls will be allowed to open. However, the filmmakers are now turning towards the digital platforms and few movies have already been released online while some are scheduled to be released soon.

One such Bollywood fan has shown his creativity and compared the months of 2020 with some of the great movie scenes of actor Rajpal Yadav.

Here is the thread:

Months of 2020 as Rajpal Yadav

— Bunny (@Bunny_I_) August 2, 2020


January: pic.twitter.com/ATKviaLCQz

— Bunny (@Bunny_I_) August 2, 2020


February: pic.twitter.com/mh5PWh94fp

— Bunny (@Bunny_I_) August 2, 2020


March: pic.twitter.com/VwSZYnwBLE

— Bunny (@Bunny_I_) August 2, 2020


April: pic.twitter.com/o7xXoaume0

— Bunny (@Bunny_I_) August 2, 2020


May: pic.twitter.com/nuoo8319ZT

— Bunny (@Bunny_I_) August 2, 2020


June: pic.twitter.com/KRXYXoKrEg

— Bunny (@Bunny_I_) August 2, 2020


July: pic.twitter.com/QgBXgrlElJ

— Bunny (@Bunny_I_) August 2, 2020

While some netizens appreciated the efforts, few others also gave suggestions regarding the coming months.


After lockdown gets lifted, every girl pic.twitter.com/caMtiW4E3p

— chai ka charsi (@sumeet_b) August 2, 2020


Thank you for this. Really. We are indebted.

— ☭ Tathagat ☭ (@ComradeTathagat) August 2, 2020


@rajpalofficial Sir you should see this amazing thread 😃

— Som Chaudhari ♠ (@ImSomChaudhari) August 2, 2020


Mast pic.twitter.com/I4kUO3NMjx

— Jaadoo (@datwanihunny) August 2, 2020


Quality thread, bro!👏

— Satwik ⭕ (@satwikmufc) August 2, 2020


By December pic.twitter.com/2HMTFybSCb

— Wash hands. Wash at back also. (@AdvanceDexter) August 2, 2020


Was expecting humko maaro humko maaro humko zinda mat choodo saalooo in march.

— Nikhil Kalra (@Nikhilkalra_) August 2, 2020

Hats off to the creativity!

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