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Momos, Sel Roti, Yomari: 5 Most Popular Nepalese Dishes to Try 

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Are you someone who likes to try New Cuisines? If so, then you cannot afford to miss out on trying the well-balanced Nepalese cuisine. A reflection of the Nepalese culture, the food is a perfect combination of a variety of flavours. In this article, we have explored some of the most popular dishes to try.

Given its geographical location, the food has influences from its surrounding countries like India, Tibet, and China. The main staples include wheat, corn, and lentils like the Indian cuisine. At the same time, the food includes more vegetables. There is less use of fatty meats and cream, unlike Indian food. 

If all these insights have made you interested in trying out Nepalese cuisine, we have listed the 6 Most Popular Nepalese Dishes to Try.

1. Momos 

The most popular Nepalese Snack in India is Momos at the moment. It is a traditional Nepalese Dish that was brought to India. Momos is one among many other popular native dishes of Nepal like Thukpa, Chexo, Laping, etc.

 5 Most Popular Nepalese Dishes to Try 

Momos are loved for their simplicity and ease of cooking in comparison to other snacks. Also, it is available at low cost which further adds to its popularity. They are a type of steamed dumplings with a filling of vegetables, herbs, or even sauces. 

They make an important part of Tibetan and Nepali cuisine. It is served with a sauce influenced by the spices and herbs used within many South Asian cuisines. Traditionally, add elements of their choice into their fillings like minced meat, potatoes, or leek filling.

2. Sel Roti

If you are looking for something sweet, then you must try Sel Roti. It is a traditional dish with ring-shaped sweet fried dough made from rice flour. This Nepalese dish is a common preparation during festivals in Nepal as well as Darjeeling.

 5 Most Popular Nepalese Dishes to Try Taste Atlas

Also, Sel Roti is prepared by the people of the Indian Gorkha community. It’s made from a mix of rice flour, water, sugar, ghee, and spices. The roti is deep-fried in cooking oil which gives it a soft yet crispy texture. 

It’s an addictive snack given its amazing taste and an integral part of Nepalese Culture. Since Sikkim has Nepalese influence it is prepared in that region too. Sel roti is a common feature of the Hindu Festival of Tihar. The unique circular shape of this dish is an important characteristic of it. 

3. Wo or Bara

Every cuisine has something special that is reserved to be made for special and happy occasions. For Nepalese cuisine, it is Wo or Bara. It is one of the best Nepalese dishes cooked for celebrating happy occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and other special ceremonies. 

 5 Most Popular Nepalese Dishes to Try Food.com

Also, it is a common part of Lunch known as “Sambhaji” prepared during festivals. It is said to be a sign of good luck, called “Sagun”. which is a kind of lentil Pancake that is enjoyed as a snack. 

The star ingredient of this dish is a black lentil that is used to make the pancake. Overall, it’s a healthy as well as tasty delight from Nepal. 

4. Yomari

One of the most unique dishes in Nepalese Cuisine is Yomari. It is often linked with the mother goddess- earth which is an important deity in Nepalese culture. 

 5 Most Popular Nepalese Dishes to Try Newari Food

Its shape has two sides that are considered to be representative of the North and South Poles. Interestingly, the stuffing is considered as an almighty god. This dish is an important delicacy served during festivals like Yomari Punhi.

Some people believe that its triangle shape represents one-half of the Shadkona. It means the symbol of Goddess Saraswati of Knowledge. 

A story behind this dish is that a couple in Panchal made it to distribute among their known ones. Those neighbours were impressed with it and gave it the name Yomari.

5. Dhindho or Dhido

If you are looking for a nutrition-filled dish, then Dhido is your choice. It is loved for its affordable and simple method of preparation. The word Dhido means dough. It means Dough and Butter. 

 5 Most Popular Nepalese Dishes to Try Ineons

While cooking it, flour is gradually added to boiling water. It is stirred continuously to avoid lumps and cooked commonly in households. The dish is a regular meal in the Hilly parts of Nepal, Sikkim, and nearby areas. 

Summing Up,

Nepalese cuisine features extensive influences of ethnicity, fertile soil, and climate. Also, there are cultural and geographical influences. These influences have culminated into wonderful delicacies that are commonly eaten in the Northern Parts of India, Tibet, and some places of Bhutan too. 

Nepal has managed to preserve its culture and tradition reflected in these dishes that will surely satisfy your tastebuds. 

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