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Netizens Come Up With Hilarious Diwali Ki Safai Memes & These Tweets Are Pretty Relatable

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The festive season is back in India and with it comes the time of enjoying sweets, lighting the firecrackers and so on but this time Diwali will be a little different. Meeting others and exchanging gifts is also one of the rituals of the festival of lights but this year people will avoid interacting with people much due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, it doesn’t mean that they will celebrate Diwali with less zeal and enthusiasm; everything else will remain the same and individuals will compensate for personal meetings with video calls.

There is one activity which is synonymous to Diwali and that is cleaning the house before the festival. Yes, we are talking about “Diwali Ki Safai” and netizens are already recalling the time when their mothers used to make them a part of this activity despite their unwillingness. There is no denying the fact that many people don’t find it interesting or something they willingly wish to do and hence, social media has been flooded with funny memes over it. While some demanded a ban on child labour during Diwali Ki Safai, others talked about getting nostalgic while looking at old things while cleaning the house and many others talked about being tired after doing it.

These rib-tickling memes are pretty relatable:


No one :

*Indian moms during diwali ki safai pic.twitter.com/fyLGZQK7d4

— Ignored Wolf 🐺 (@IGnorED_WoLF) October 22, 2020


Diwali ki safai ki wajah se cockroaches Rahneke liye kaha jayenge uskeliye meeting bulai hai. pic.twitter.com/9PFTstSXGE

— Priyanshu karia (@PriyanshuKaria7) October 19, 2020


Mom after diwali ki safai pic.twitter.com/B1qw63PkPp

— ravneet (@ravneet13508145) October 21, 2020


Me: *Wakes up*
Mom who wants me to help her in Diwali ki safai:#Mirzapur2 pic.twitter.com/j9yw2C8O1R

— 亗 The Accidental Memer (@krazzy_harsh) October 28, 2020


Me , who craving for watching😍#mirzapurseason2 #Mirzapur#MirzapurOnPrime

Mom- phle diwali ki safai kr baad mai mobile chalana🙄

Le me*- pic.twitter.com/bU7WawsW8P

— बनी ठनी🌹 (@miss_unknown0) October 22, 2020


*flying chappal recieved moment*

Mom : diwali ki safai me help kr wao, ye kaam de rahi hun kr logi na?
Me: …….
mom: bolo?
Me: pic.twitter.com/xQhFqZfsPN

— Phunny hai (@PhunnyHai) October 26, 2020


**** Diwali Ki Saaf – Safai Exists ****
Le Me : pic.twitter.com/GyOzwpeDfW

— TharkiTroller (@TharkiTroller) October 28, 2020


Not a meme.
Just a virtual representation of me during Diwali ki safai. pic.twitter.com/s0UdOUUbeQ

— Kalakar Ji Ke Memes (@kalakarjikememe) October 19, 2020


No one:
Literally no one:
*Me after Diwali ki saph safai* pic.twitter.com/SGvsAqO5y8

— love_bts_life💜.사랑해 (@BTSfang09633819) October 24, 2020


When mom says she’ll give jalebi fafda only if you help her in diwali ki safai – pic.twitter.com/ULiTDiT9Qp

— jethiya (@kunalgt) October 25, 2020


When mom/dad wakes you up for "Diwali ki saaf safai " in the morning. pic.twitter.com/tBrEaQtmyW

— आयुष 👹 (@Most_Savage_Guy) October 22, 2020


peacefully reading newspaper in the morning.

Mom :- Aaj Diwali ki safai krwani hai.

Me :- pic.twitter.com/aN1H4Y56AL

— || ठंडा-PAY-जल || (@oreoganesh) October 21, 2020


My Mom ( in sarcasm ) : Tu din bahar betha reh diwali ki safai ke lia tho main hu na.. pic.twitter.com/4f8SOfRE79

— V 🔥 S H E S H D ∆ V E (@visheshda_ve) October 28, 2020


Diwali ki safai karte waqt me apna kaam chote bhai ko saupane k baad me and bro – pic.twitter.com/WHiIEHhvqs

— Hindustani Ben (@HindustaniBen) October 21, 2020


*Diwali Ki Safai Exist*

Lizards, Spiders, & Cockroachs: pic.twitter.com/F3xoDRSii0

— HaRsH 🖤🤍 (@Badnam_Memer) October 21, 2020

Well, living in the clean surroundings is very important for not just physical health but also our mental health and this yearly activity ensures that our houses get completely cleaned at least once in a year. It also has a spiritual reason; Hindus worship God Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi on Diwali and it is being said that Goddess Lakshmi who brings prosperity and happiness doesn’t stay in a house which is dirty. So if you want good health, prosperity and happiness, get actively involved in Diwali Ki Safai, whether you like it or not.

Do share with us if you have some good or funny experience or incident related to Diwali Ki Safai!

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