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Online Review: A Solid Strategy To Improve Your SEO In 2021

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cOne of the most important pillars of digital marketing is the concept of SEO. Without effective Search Engine Optimisation, it is impossible to direct website traffic towards your brand and get users to visit your page. Today, implementing robust keywords is one of the most effective strategies of SEO Services to make your website visible at the top of search results. But even if the target audience visits your brand’s online portal, what’s the guarantee that they will respond positively to your offer?

Whether traditional or digital, marketing is not limited to targeting more and more potential customers but extends to influencing them to buy your product or avail your service. And this is why an SEO company in Indiaand overseas recommends relying on online reviews to bring the ball back to your court.

How Online Reviews Work?

Besides compelling the users to use your brand, online reviews also assist in building out your SEO and enhancing it for more growth and productivity. Google, the world’s most used search engine, ranks the website based on your web page’s quality. And out of numerous parameters that affect your ratings, online reviews is one of them.

The quantity and recency of online reviews you have got, the average rating of your brand or website, which reviews have been liked or responded and how many times, etc., are some of the factors that come under online reviews which Google considers whilst ranking.

How To Improvise Your Website For Better SEO Through Online Reviews

Online reviews might seem like a small deal, but it requires a robust strategy to benefit from them. Whether you have hired an SEO company in Gurgaon, or are an expert in handling SEO, spare a read below to build a solid strategy for incorporating and correctly utilising online reviews.

Getting Reviews

You cannot seek advantage from online reviews when you don’t have any. Therefore, the first step is to increase the number of reviews you receive. Not many customers voluntarily leave reviews once they make a purchase. Only your continuous and persistent efforts have the potential to dig out reviews.

Space up the frequency of you contacting the customers for reviews and find out the peak time when they would have spare minutes to participate in the process actively. Keep your review questions clear, precise and subjective. By contacting an SEO company in India, you can conduct such research professionally and with the right tools.

Responding To Reviews

Once you have plenty of reviews on your plate, it’s time to acknowledge your customers’ opinions and concerns. Remember, both the quantity and quality of reviews matter. Therefore, even if there’s a negative review left on your page, it is your responsibility to balance it out by humbly resolving their issue and taking responsibility for the same.

Please make sure to include phrases like “Thank you for taking out your time”, “In the future”, “Next time”, etc. in your responses. In case the matter becomes more serious, you should contact the customer personally instead of putting it online.

Picking Up Review Platforms

Understanding which platform you need to ask for reviews is also essential to targeting the right audience. For example, if you are a restaurant, choosing Goodreads as your review platform instead of Zomato will be an ultimate waste of resources. Plus, you must determine which review platforms are reliable and trustworthy to avoid getting mentioned on the wrong ones.

Hire an SEO company in Gurgaon or city that’s local to your office for expertise on the deck to study review platforms, compare them, and find out which ones are the most suitable for you.


In a nutshell, the three necessary steps for having a solid strategy to strengthen your SEO through online reviews are: increasing the number of reviews, responding in the right way and choosing suitable review platforms. Try to be as polite as possible, whether you are replying to positive or negative reviews since both of them will help you improve your service.

Understand the hurdles faced by the customers instead of merely acknowledging their opinions and try to solve them to prevent getting the same review repeatedly. As you quench their queries and promise to provide a better experience the next time, there’s no way Google wouldn’t love you!

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