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People Are Sharing The Canadian Celebs They Think Deserve Movie Biopics, And I'm Dying For These To Be Real

3 weeks ago 42

From Bohemian Rhapsody to Elvis, there's something about capturing a celeb's life in movie form that just can't be beat. And there are tons of famous people who would make perfect subjects for a new biopic. So, Reddit user u/houndoom92 asked, "What famous Canadian could get a great Hollywood movie biopic done on them?" And these responses are just to good not to share:

1. "Farley Mowat. As Canadian as it gets. Saves thousands from the Nazis with his wits and then comes home and writes charming books about owls."


2. "Leo Major, although he’s far less famous than he should be. Dude was wild; take a look at his Wikipedia page."

–[deleted user]

"A Leo Major biopic directed by Tarantino. That would be awesome."


"Leo Major. I'm very surprised it hasn't been made already."


6. "Probably pre-mature for any of these individuals, as their stories are not finished yet... but Celine Dion, Shania Twain, and Jim Carrey all have really inspring rags-to-riches stories, and interesting personal lives as adults."


8. "John Ware. Slave turned legendary cowboy and community leader. Wrestled cows for fun."


9. "Marie Dressler. She won an Oscar for best actress. Starred in movies with Chaplin. Very cool life."


11. "Ryan Reynolds, but it’s already been done. Titled Deadpool."


13. "I'm wondering how there HASN'T been one done on Terry Fox yet?"


"This would tear my goddamn heart to shreds. He was the first name I thought of as well."


"One was done years ago. I’d like to see one done now, to show the massive progress in cancer research & treatment this one amazing individual made possible."


15. "I'd love to see ones on early Canadian-born Hollywood stars like Mary Pickford and Norma Shearer."


16. "Viola Desmond."


"Viola Desmond resisted racial segregation in Nova Scotia by refusing to leave a movie theatre designated whites only and became a catalyst for the civil rights movement in Canada."


17. "Billy Bishop."

"Although it's another era, too few understand what World War 1 actually was."


20. "David Suzuki."


"The dramatic arc is already set for that one — childhood in an internment camp to national icon."


What other Canadian celebrities would you want to see a biopic on? Let us know below, and make sure you follow BuzzFeed Canada on TikTok and Instagram!

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