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Pixar's Boss Said That Live-Action Remakes "Bother" Him And The Company Won't Be Making Them

1 month ago 32

Adding that it "would be tough" to make a cute live-action rat, he continued, "So much of what we create only works because of the rules of the [animated] world. So if you have a human walk into a house that floats, your mind goes, 'Wait a second. Hold on. Houses are super heavy. How are balloons lifting the house?' But if you have a cartoon guy and he stands there in the house, you go, 'Okay, I'll buy it.' The worlds that we’ve built just don’t translate very easily."

Russell, a young boy scout with binoculars and a backpack, stands next to Carl Fredricksen, an elderly man with a cane, in a rocky landscape from "Up."

Walt Disney Co. / Courtesy Everett Collection

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