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Sabyasachi Comes Up With New Collection But It’s Sad Expression Of Models That Catch Attention

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Sabyasachi Mukherjee is one of the most famous fashion designers of India and it is a dream for many to wear his dresses on special occasions but only few can fulfill their wish as his dresses are obviously highly priced. We have seen many Bollywood actresses preferring Sabyasachi dresses especially for their marriages and undoubtedly they look gorgeous and mesmerizing in them but whenever Sabyasachi Mukherjee releases a new collection, it gathers more attention because of models rather than the collection.

Sabyasachi Comes Up With New Collection But It’s Sad Expression Of Models That Catch Attention RVCJ Media

In majority of his collections, his models have a sad and gloomy look despite being dressed in beautiful attires. Recently he launched a new collection but once again more than his designer dresses, the sad look of models caught attention of netizens and they came up with hilarious memes and jokes to take a dig at the sad expression of models while wearing such expensive outfits.

While one joked about the brides are attending the funerals, there was one who felt that a bride has such a look when she has to marry despite knowing that her groom has cheated on her.

Check out some selected reactions:

When you don’t want to get married to the boy but still agree because you get to wear sabyasachi wedding outfit. pic.twitter.com/m04g0rWYHu

— Initnamees 🇮🇳 (@SeemantiniBose) April 6, 2023

When Sabyasachi gives you the bill after dressing you up for your wedding pic.twitter.com/FMSxFVXhPz

— Dr Kiran Kumar Karlapu (@scarysouthpaw) April 6, 2023

Man she really doesn’t like wearing Sabyasachi pic.twitter.com/b8GmGVnRJX

— Shambhav Sharma (@shambhav15) April 6, 2023

Congratulations to Sabyasachi for launching the "My spouse cheated on me on our wedding day but I still have to marry him" collection… 🙄🤢 pic.twitter.com/mlmmsSZMC4

— Chaitanya 🇮🇳🚩 (@filmy_foodie) April 8, 2023

I know why Sabyasachi brides look so sad and gloomy .. they didn’t like his designs 😣 pic.twitter.com/2seKiGwhYy

— exsecular (@ExSecular) April 7, 2023

The only message I'm getting from this ad is….You could wear a #sabyasachi and still be unhappy 🥴 pic.twitter.com/LIqZUGGTA2

— . (@DopplersMuffin) April 6, 2023

Here you go, I fixed it using #AI. Adding a smile does make all the difference! 😉#smile #fashion #models #sabyasachi @vivekagnihotri pic.twitter.com/eJn2FlfaSm

— MrMadMeta (@MrMadMeta) April 6, 2023

They look unhappy because Sabyasachi is a sadist 🙂 pic.twitter.com/LJmyuI9Now

— desi mojito 🇮🇳 (@desimojito) April 6, 2023

Message is clear: Debt ridden souls cannot even smile on their wedding!
Moral: don't spend on a sabyasachi. Buy nice handwoven sarees from a local brand.
Zyada mazaa, no sazaa 🙂 pic.twitter.com/Aoi7aQACTB

— Khidkiyan Yahan Wahan (@khidkiyan) April 7, 2023

All @sabyasachi models pose like..bit why #justasking

It looks as if they are angry..or some one is forcing them to do this against their will..aren't brides suplosed to be happy?
What kind of artistry is this? pic.twitter.com/Vfd09o5PRs

— archie (@ArchiesK) April 7, 2023

Is she unhappy that having Spent so much on a Sabyasachi saree that her blouse and his jacket had to be made from the same fabric? Maybe from someone's old saree? No money left for mehndi, jewelry or even a bindi. pic.twitter.com/ScI9mgTxlb

— Vidya Nagaraj (@vee22n) April 6, 2023

#sabyasachi making them go for a math exam afterwards or what? 🤣 pic.twitter.com/Watm17T49L

— Roselyn Kaur (@RoselynKaur11) April 7, 2023

Don't you think Sabyasachi is extremely overrated…..

Isse ache sari aur kapde humare jaipur mein कटले mein milte hain.🤣🤣

Why such manhoos and बदसूरत looking brides 🤣🤣🤣🤣 pic.twitter.com/13MaXEzKkD

— Bharti 🇮🇳 (@SoulfulBharti) April 6, 2023

She probably needs food more than marriage

— Chickenlover (@Metchul_head) April 6, 2023

God, if that's the "ecstatic" face of someone wearing sabyasachi, I don't
wanna wear one at all

— Soumya🇮🇳 (@Soumya51747008) April 6, 2023

Well, let us tell you one thing, it is not that only the models who wear Sabyasachi dresses have a sad look, the case is the same with the models of almost every fashion designer. While common public may feel that these models are tired because of work load or they are depressed but in reality, these models are asked to have a gloomy look by the fashion designers as it is their tactic to get more attention on their clothes.

A popular fashion model Matthieu Villot once said that the fashion designers want to show their designer clothes and not their faces. The model further stated that if the models will smile, then people will focus on their faces rather than on their clothes.

What do you have to say in this regard? Do let us know.

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