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Someone Innovates Palak Paneer Idli With Cashews, Twitter Says “Bacha Lo Is Paap Se”

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The South Indian dishes such as idli and dosa are loved by not only the south Indians but the North Indians as well; however in the northern part of the country, it is mostly considered as a snack and not the main course. The fondness of north Indians for idli, dosa, etc. can be understood by the fact that they not only eat them in restaurants but also love to cook at home occasionally.

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Many people love to make experiments with original dishes to give it a twist and at times, they come up with some really good results but sometimes, the outcome is so weird that it makes headlines for being uncommon. We have already witnessed some bizarre dishes such as orange maggi, sweet maggi, biscuit dosa, dosa masala burger, ice-cream idli, ice-cream dosa, samosa stuffed with ice-cream and so on.

But now a food blogger from Bengaluru has taken cooking experiment to a new level by making Paneer stuffed Palak idli. Yes, you read it right! What makes it weirder is that it has been garnished with cashews and pomegranate seeds and the chutney is made from roasted chana powder.

Take a look:

A Twitter user shared it on the micro-blogging site with caption, “Somebody made paneer stuffed paalak idlis. Yaake? YAAKE? But why?” and soon Indian Twitterati went berserk.

Here is the tweet:

Somebody made paneer stuffed paalak idlis. Yaake? YAAKE? But why? 😩pic.twitter.com/ODNeWBOpiV

— Smita Prakash (@smitaprakash) July 28, 2020

While very few netizens appreciated thinking and creativity of the creator of the dish, the majority was annoyed with such a fusion and some called it a criminal offence as well.

Check out some of the selected tweets:


This punjabization of every South Indian dish needs to stop 🤣😭😭😭

— Nandita Iyer (@saffrontrail) July 28, 2020


Bachaa lo iss paap se

— Rubika Liyaquat (@RubikaLiyaquat) July 28, 2020


The idea of palak idli itself is crazy… paneer thrown into the mix is a disaster

— Rashmi Rao (@rrao74) July 28, 2020


Kuch bhi kahi bhi daal dene ki aadat hai hamare desh ke logo ko….kabhi kuch ache to kabhi kuch kharab results aa jaate hai.. but इडली को इडली हि रहने दो इसे और कोई नाम ना दो 🙏🏽

— Shareef_Insaan (@saketranjanjha) July 28, 2020


Kya dikha diya ye subah subah.. Aaj idli hi banane wale the gharpe.. Program cancel karna padega re baba…! 😣😣

— TJ (@imtpshah) July 28, 2020


Me after seeing this .. pic.twitter.com/Ih4eJXtP4K

— Kalyan Sen (@IamSenKalyan) July 28, 2020


They may have had some really little left over palak, some paneer which was on the verge of going bad and a hell lot of time! Plus shayad menu fix tha.. Aur bacha kucha khana khatam bhi karna tha..

— Mrunmayee Kulkarni (@MrunKspeaks) July 28, 2020


This is trying to show off that I love southie food but I can’t betray my Panju roots. Mama naraaz ho Jayaeyegi, sure this is a mamas boy idea. Hahaha

— Niveditha Tattitali (@Niveditha2211) July 28, 2020


aise logo ko hi jahannam me tell ke pakode banaye jate hai.

— Manmohan Tiwari (Kachha baniyan) (@LaddooKe_bhaiya) July 28, 2020


Thoda karela aur rakhna tha iske upar.. 🙃🙃

— Naresh sharma (@am1312615054) July 28, 2020


When panjabi marries south Indian.

— karthik 🇮🇳 (@i_skarthik) July 28, 2020


Yuck!! this looks like sum alien object.

— Vaibhav Rao (@Vaibhav_Rao_) July 28, 2020


OMG.. that's criminal cookery experiment.. Light to digest idli stuff wd heavy paneer 🙄

— HT (@HT96768238) July 28, 2020


with cashew? why this cruelty ?

— VINAY PRAKASH (@vinayp2000) July 28, 2020


Aaj kal kisi mein bhi kuch bhi mila kar khana pakana fashion hua hai…Uska mool swaad rehta hi nahi hai

— Mayur M Sawargaonkar (@MMS_MMJ) July 28, 2020

What is your take on this dish? Have you also tried any fusion dish ever?

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