Sushant Was A Genius, Cambridge PhD Scholar Recalled When She Asked Him Why He Became An Actor

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Sushant Singh Rajput was a Bollywood actor for many of us but those who knew him closely were aware of the fact that he was a multi-talented person who was full of live and enthusiasm. Other than movies, he was pretty interested in physics and astronomy and how knowledgeable he was can be understood by an incident which has been narrated by a Cambridge PhD scholar Namrata Datta.

In a series of tweets, Namrata recalled the incident which happened 2 years ago. Namrata said that she met Sushant at the Paris airport and at that time, she didn’t know that he was a Bollywood actor. She wrote that they both were having drinks alone while celebrating their birthdays as Sushant’s birthday was on 21st Jan while Namrata’s was on 26th Jan. They started talking and then discussed DNA n X-ray crystallography method.

Namrata says that Sushant explained quantum physics in such a wonderful manner that she was sure of the fact that she was talking to a genius and assumed that he was a physicist who was studying in France.

Namrata also told that they talked about the space time continuum and one thing that Sushant wanted to change was to study physics. While Sushant asked Namrata whether he could get scholarships for studying physics, Namrata told that she was going to watch him on the big screen.

Check out her tweets:

The way he explained quantum physics to me at Paris airport, I knew I was talking to a genius. His birthday is on 21st January and mine 26th January. We were both drinking alone to celebrate our birthdays. Then we discussed DNA n X-ray crystallography method. 🤦‍♀️

— Namrata Datta (@candinam) June 16, 2020

about 2 years ago. I had no idea he was a Bollywood star. I thought he was a physicist studying in France. The way he was explaining physics was mesmerising. Later he told me he is an actor and I actually asked him Why? I am still finding it hard to believe that he is no more.

— Namrata Datta (@candinam) June 16, 2020

You know what Sushant asked me, disregarding the causalities due to space time continuum, what is the one thing you would want to change? I jokingly replied get married to a rich man and produce lots of babies. When I asked him the same thing, he said, study physics. 😔

— Namrata Datta (@candinam) June 16, 2020

I am devastated.. he asked me if he could apply for scholarships to get into physics. I said I was probably gonna see him on big screens now. Alas! We spent 5 hours over 2 glasses of beer. The conversation was so interesting. Only if I knew better..

— Namrata Datta (@candinam) June 16, 2020

Just like everyone else, Namrata is also very upset after hearing the news of Sushant’s departure and she is left with the memories of their conversation which lasted for about 5 hours with 2 glasses of drinks.

It is so sad that we lost such an intelligent and lovable person and that too in such a horrific manner. RIP.

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