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The Cast Of "Bridgerton" Discuss Season Three – From Sex Scenes To Broken Furniture And Everything In Between

3 weeks ago 39

The first part of the third season of Bridgerton was released last week, so we had to sit down with the cast and ask them all our burning questions.

So, while we wait patiently for the release of part two, see what Nicola Coughlan, Luke Newton, Adjoa Andoh, Golda Rosheuvel, Ruth Gemmell, Claudia Jessie, Jessica Madsen, Hannah Dodd, Martins Imhangbe, and Emma Naomi had to reveal about the making of season three!

BuzzFeed: In a press junket, you're probably asked a million questions and a lot of times it's really all the same. So before I give you my list, are there any questions you want to ask each other?

Nicola: Did you ever accidentally go home wearing Colin’s underwear?
Luke: No, because I had Regency pairs that I would wear, they were slightly different to my everyday pants.
Adjoa: What would be some really left-field things that you might like to happen for Queen Charlotte?
Golda: I would like to ride a horse while dancing in a ball!
Claudia: Do you have a favourite scene that you filmed from Bridgerton?
Jessica: Every time I got to look into Claudia’s eyes!
Claudia: I really love any opportunity I get to be in the drawing room scenes. I think I just love how much fun it is, I'm a sucker for laughing, I love it – and whenever we’re together that’s what happens.

BuzzFeed: If you could each describe your character’s season three storyline in three words, what would you choose?

Claudia: Figuring it out? Figuring it out.
Hannah: I think that's all of us, figuring it out. 
Jessica: Emotionally, naked, armour!
Golda: Bold, mischievous, wonderment.
Ruth: Tentative, nervous, elated.
Adjoa: Derailed, resolved, a little bit hot. Oh, that wasn't three words. The last one was like, with the dashes the dashes!
Emma: Progressive…
Martins: Unexpected, thrilling.

BuzzFeed: Nicola, this season is all about a wallflower blossoming and blooming. So what advice could now be given to other wallflowers out there?

Nicola: I think – it's very Love Island to say – but she doesn't back herself very much. I think she should. What's sexy is confidence, and like knowing who you are and owning it, and that you can look any type of way, you can be any type of way but if you own it, there's something inherently attractive. So I would say just say, don't doubt yourself so much, you know. Because she starts to attract the dudes as soon as she you know gets rid of the Easter egg dresses and the curly mop, but she has no confidence so that's not attractive. She needs to feel it. 

Let's chat about all things Bridgerton

BuzzFeed: Claudia, what can Eloise and Penelope’s friendship in the show tell us about the dynamic of female friendships in general?

Claudia: The good thing about Bridgerton is that they're not afraid to show those friendships fall apart, because obviously, it's quite easy to point out that female friendships have been shown forever. But they're always perfect and nothing ever goes wrong. Right? Because that's quite safe as well. But [in reality] they don't do that because we all fall apart, we unravel and then we have to get back together again somehow. I think Shondaland are really great at showing how that can be a source of value creation as well for the young women. And for Eloise and Cressida, it's a great way for them to both soften a bit, because I think Eloise is so stoic, in how she feels, but there could be an opportunity for her to listen a bit more and maybe soften and learn that not everybody wants the same thing. And then with Cressida, there's like a softness that can be revealed as well, because of her situation. So I think it's fine to show the warts and all of a female friendship. 

BuzzFeed: Was there any specific advice that Johnny and Simone gave you from the last season?

Luke: Johnny gave me loads of advice throughout the process, but we always say that's strictly for Bridgertons, it's like the passing of the torch. It was gonna be a little book, but then I think it just became a verbal thing. But yeah, I don't know. I think it was to just be really present and enjoy the moment because it can be really overwhelming at times to be in it for eight months, and it can kind of fly by. So just stay present and enjoy it.
Nicola: I think what was gorgeous about Simone is she just made it known that she was there for me if I needed her. And it's the thing that I always say about the show – and also with Phoebe – honestly, like you would not find a more supportive group. Because you know, the acting industry can be weird, it can be very competitive, but on this show you genuinely don't feel it – you feel like everyone has your back. And also it's like a relay race, like we're holding the baton for now, and we'll pass it on to the next couple. But yeah, it's amazing knowing that they're there.
Luke: And also having them come back and physically be in the show – I felt that in the brotherly scenes that we had, I felt like there were parallels in like real life: Johnny coming back to support us and then within the scene his character is supporting mine. So yeah, just the presence of them being with us in the show.

BuzzFeed: Do you feel that you had to change anything about your portrayal of the character since the release of Queen Charlotte?

Adjoa: The history of Lady Danbury arriving in this country from West Africa was a new element that Shonda brought to Queen Charlotte, which I loved and it kind of chimed with how I was feeling about the vibration of how I was playing Lady Danbury. I've always had Lady Danbury holding her cane, and there's always been an Ashanti symbol of power that I had I had embossed onto the top of the cane from season one, so that when I hold it, I'm holding a bit of Africa. And I've always had that. So when Shonda introduced that element for for young Agatha being sent over, there was something about that, that felt “Oh, that feels really good.” And it didn't actually change who Lady Danbury was to me, but it gave her a sort of internal anchor. That was good. 

BuzzFeed: Are there any songs that you are dying to be covered? Or maybe new songs that have come out since the season was filmed?

Emma: I mean, I love some Anderson .Paak. I don't know where you'd fit him in, but I love him. That would be great. If we could somehow get some Anderson .Paak, that would be cool
Golda: “Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown”
Ruth: I'd say “Love It If We Made It” by The 1975.
Adjoa: I'd have Roberta Flack, “Go Up Moses”.

BuzzFeed: The internet goes wild anytime it's time for the Bridgerton man to step into their season. Luke, what does Shonda put in the water for each male lead before it’s their time to star in the series?

Luke: The secret, I don't know! I think for me, it always has to be character-led, and it was like getting those scripts and you know, seeing those reveal moments of him stepping back into society and becoming a man. I feel like I just really wanted to embody that so I kind of went away in the break and wanted to prepare myself, and come back feeling like he was a changed man. Like sort of dropped the the innocent young brother vibe and he comes back having this wild experience abroad and comes back with all these stories.

BuzzFeed: What is the hardest part about being a part of the Bridgerton series?

Jessica: Ours is the same isn’t it?
Hannah: Yep.
Claudia: Urinating, it's really tough. It's really hard. Listen because I'm going to tell you: there ain’t much wrong with this job. We’d be really hard-pressed to find something wrong with being in a cultural phenomenon that is Bridgerton.
Adjoa: My wig takes three hours. So I'm in hair and makeup for three hours before I even start my day. So for me, it's the length of the day.
Golda: My time is about two and a half. From start to finish.

BuzzFeed: We heard you mentioned that some furniture was broken during filming – can you tell us more about this? 

Nicola: You’re the first one who’s asked us what it is!
Luke: Which I don’t know if we can say.
Nicola: It’s not a bed. I would say it's like a piece of furniture that you would more see in the past than in the present. But yeah, we did break it during the sexy scene because we were really going for it!
Luke: It was very Colin and Pen of us because after we just burst out laughing. 

BuzzFeed: How has Bridgerton changed your life?

Claudia: I never thought anything like this would ever happen to me anyway, like acting and getting into this industry, anything like this, I never thought it would happen. So the fact that it ended up turning out like this is a bit of a joke, so yeah, it's changed my life. It's the best thing that's ever happened to me. Without a shadow of a doubt.
Hannah: It really is, and knowing these people. We’ve gained a family out of a cast, which which doesn't always happen. 
Jessica: And it’s such a safe space. I don't feel like worried about what I'm doing, I just let go and engage with the other person. You feel safe with every single person, no matter who you're working with. It's really like “we've got this, we're here for each other.”
Claudia: It's such a beautiful place to work. It really is. 
Emma: Well, it's a great job. It's nice to be here. I don't know if there's been too too much of a massive change. Apart from that it's just nice to have a job!
Martins: It’s nice to work with lovely people on such a heartfelt project. And to know that everyone's heart is in the right place
Emma: We’re very lucky because it does feel like a family on set. And because we've been in it for three seasons now, it's like really joyful, really, really joyful, really, really fun. And it's very freeing to be in a space with people that you can trust.

Bridgerton, season 3 is streaming on Netflix now!

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