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This Beautiful Video On The Definition Of A Good Girl Flawlessly Depicts Harsh Reality Of Society

1 year ago 108

The Indian society has set a number of parameters to define a good girl and every girl is scanned through all these parameters to ascertain whether she fits into their definition of a good girl or not and how many weaknesses she needs to work on for being an ideal girl according to them. Her outfits, body shape, facial features, hair, makeup, way of talking and walking and what not, every single thing is judged and if she meets all the conditions which rarely happens or rather never happens, she is given the tag of ‘an achhi ladki’! So basically in today’s era, ‘an achhi ladki’ is a myth because you’ll certainly stumble upon someone who won’t like something about you and judge on its basis.

On the other hand, there are many who try their best to look the way people want to see them, even if they don’t like it but who is interested to know what they want. She is supposed to please others, no matter if she gets hurt while doing so. But why people don’t understand one simple thing that not everybody is alike and if all the people are the same in their qualities and characteristics, their uniqueness will be lost. After all, these differences, the characteristics of our own are what make us different from others. Will it affect my career or lifestyle if I’m fat, dark-skinned, skinny or short heighted? No, not at all! So let’s just keep aside all the judgment and comments, free your mind from all the shackles or burden and take a breath in free air! Ah that feeling!

The same thing has been beautifully recited by Swastika Rajput in a perfect manner and this is something every girl can relate to!

This Women’s Day, don’t miss to watch the hard-hitting video:

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Doesn’t it perfectly sum up what every woman goes through in today’s era? What are your thoughts in this regard? Share with us.

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