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This Hard-Hitting Video ‘Abba Nahi Maanenge’ Empowers Every Girl To Pursue Her Dream Career

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Undoubtedly, times have changed a lot for women in the Indian society and they are walking shoulder to shoulder with men in every field, however, there are still a number of families that teach their girls to learn how to make adjustments in every walk of life. They are asked to compromise whether it’s fight with siblings over small things, opting for subjects of her choice, pursuing her dream career or even in the name of marriage.

This Women’s Day, we present a thought-provoking video on the same entitled ‘Abba Nahi Maanenge’ in which Gunjan Saini has shared her perspective on the issue and it’s worth watching!

Generally, all the parents and relatives whole-heartedly welcome the idea of becoming a doctor, engineer, IT professional, lawyer, government officer and any other lucrative job but when it comes to becoming an artist, there’s a big NO from everyone. The income of an artist, obstacles in the path of success, fear of being judged by others, rejection from family members and all other problems are magnificently depicted in this video which showcases the journey of a woman artist who defied societal norms and followed her dreams.

Here you go:

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Let’s support and encourage more women to choose their career path freely and create a world where everyone has equal opportunities.


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