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“Thukra Ke Mera Pyar Mera Intekam Dekhegi,” Twitter Lit With Memes As UPSC Declares Results

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The result time is certainly one of the most difficult yet exciting moments, for not only students but also meme makers as they get quite a good fodder for their creative minds. Some time ago, the ICSE and CBSE results were declared and now the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) has declared its results.

As per a leading daily, 829 candidates will be taking up the roles of officers in IAS (Indian Administrative Service), IFS (Indian Foreign Service), IPS (Indian Police Service), etc. While the male topper is Pradeep Singh who hails from Haryana’s Sonepat, Prathibha Verma from UP’s Sultanpur has made it to the top in the female category.

As soon as the results were announced, meme makers also got into action and many memes related to UPSC results are now getting circulated on social media networks. Most of the memes are related to relatives who have the reputation of being more interested to know about what is going in other person’s life rather than their own life. Some memes talk about the reactions that parents of other students will make after listening to the struggles faced by the toppers.

Check out some of the selected tweets that are relatable as well as will make you go ROFL:


UPSC results are out.

Random coaching institutes to toppers ;#UPSC pic.twitter.com/EyrkTPWXw0

— Amar_mb (@Amar_mb007) August 4, 2020


#UPSCResults #UPSC

Crossover* pic.twitter.com/1Yn3YGX90A

— MeMe-Ye-ZinDaGi (@sarcasticlardka) August 4, 2020


My parents reaction when I say mere bas ki nahi h UPSC ki padhai :#UPSC2019 #UPSCResults pic.twitter.com/YaKn4NEoBi

— Arushi Aggarwal (@arushiaggarwa15) August 4, 2020


#UPSC results declared

Le Relatives be like:- pic.twitter.com/qBUjIX8rme

— Rachit Maheshwari (@RachitNawal) August 4, 2020


#UPSCResults out

Boy's who clear #UPSC are now pic.twitter.com/IcDRaLcz5w

— Deeksha Jain (@hungry_heart68) August 4, 2020


All the boys who cracked UPSC after their breakup, be like:
#UPSC #UPSCResults #upscpreviousyearsquestions pic.twitter.com/iSzz3vTW6c

— Narayan (@deepnarayan2002) August 4, 2020


When brother accidentally open #UPSCResults news infront of dad

Me to my brother:- pic.twitter.com/wD2CJ52Gwi

— sarcastic saurabhh (@___saurabhh_) August 4, 2020


Nobody my dad after watching upsc and civil service results pic.twitter.com/cOO3TPZJXW

— Virat Choudhary (@Virat_x) August 4, 2020


#UPSCResults #UPSC2019

After seeing toppers interviews

My parents be like: pic.twitter.com/5TdvAiiF3v

— Ritesh Guru (@engineer_guruji) August 4, 2020


#UPSC result declared*
Me turning off the TV so that my parents do not watch the sacrifice story of Toppers on news channel pic.twitter.com/Wwo6KhWjR6

— Kisslay Jha?? (@TrollerBabua) August 4, 2020


#UPSC results declared #UPSCResults
Le Relatives be like:- pic.twitter.com/tPG7xbdVqO

— Kishan (@KishanJotaniya) August 4, 2020


*UPSC results declared
After seeing ' Rickshaw wale ka beta bna UPSC topper' headline
My parents to me : #UPSCResults #upsc #UPSC2019 pic.twitter.com/i63gwLg4dP

— X Æ A~12 ?? (@Shivm_Singh_) August 4, 2020


#UPSC Results Declared

Toppers Right Now :- pic.twitter.com/5cbaJorITg

— Meme_Raja (@thekhanwasif) August 4, 2020


#UPSCResults out

Meanwhile Relatives pic.twitter.com/NLfPhnRH89

?MEMES – Therapy ? (@memes_therapies) August 4, 2020


#UPSCResults declared*

Parents watching news and toppers sacrifices.

Me :- pic.twitter.com/I5kMoAgCJ2

— kundan ? (@itskundan01) August 4, 2020

Jokes apart, clearing these exams is not an easy task and we congratulate all those who have made their dreams come true and made their parents and loved ones proud. These candidates will have a great duty on their shoulders as the manner in which they do their job will play a big role in the development of the country.


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