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“Time To Leave The Planet,” Viral Video Of Cheese Wali Chai Makes Twitter Go WTF

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Tea is one of the most loved drinks of Indians; in fact it is the first thing that many of us need after waking up in the morning and if for any reason we don’t get tea in the morning, the whole day gets ruined.

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In the past few years, we have seen experiments taking place in cooking as well and there is no denying the fact that we need to try new things in order to bring variations and twist in our dishes. But there are times when people go overboard to make the presentation look beautiful and you will also agree that nowadays use of cheese is crossing the limits.

Cheese is being used in almost everything whether it is maggi, sandwiches, burgers, and so, so on but what has shocked the netizens is that now cheese is being used in making tea as well. Yes, it may sound cringe but a Twitter user shared a video clip of cheese chai. The clip shows a thin layer of cheese on a cup and when that layer is broken with the spoon, a black color liquid flows out.

The online user posted the video with the caption, “Tea lovers (including myself), somewhere in India they are selling Cheese Chai.. Okay, Happy Sunday” with laughing emojis.

Tea lovers (including myself), somewhere in India they are selling Cheese Chai..

Okay, Happy Sunday🤣🤣🤣 pic.twitter.com/mdCFhsa29r

— Mohammed Futurewala (@MFuturewala) November 6, 2022

Soon Twitter users expressed their anger and frustration after seeing their loving chai getting spoiled. Here are some selected reactions:


Subeh subeh dekh liya! Ab chai ni pi jaari 🤢

— Magarmach 😎 (@Mugging_mugger) November 7, 2022


Chai is the only thing which needs no experiment i think 🙂
Simple tea of milk, ginger, tea leaves n sugar is best in my opinion.#chai #tealover pic.twitter.com/xjYOidkhGr

— Shivam (@ambhibian_xyz) November 7, 2022



— Arpit (@arpit5080) November 6, 2022


This is like puncturing the mind and soul .. how bad it is 😑😑😏

🇮🇳 𝓜𝓲𝓷𝓲 🇮🇳 (@Mini_Tripathii) November 6, 2022


Address…personally jake bandh karna hai…

— Rahool Thote (@rahooljt) November 6, 2022


Why can't chai just be chai? What's with this obsession with ruining good things….also how do I unsee this 🙄

— Sumit (@Sumit76559576) November 6, 2022


Chai lovers pic.twitter.com/cTJC24mnND

— लड्डू (@Chaiiology) November 6, 2022


Oh this appears to be quite weird

— Surendra Singh Kalakoti (@srk7353) November 6, 2022


I don’t understand the need to add cheese to everything. Chai is sacred, let it be

— m (@mahween) November 6, 2022


Yuck!!! Indias obsession with cheese is never ending

— Barkha Samnani (@bsamnani) November 6, 2022


Hadh se badh gaya hai ab yeh !! Ughhh

— Chetna 💜 (@chezephyr) November 6, 2022


waiting for vimal chai 🤘🏻

— Naaz | فخر | নাজ (@naazirology) November 6, 2022



— Srishti (@swishtee) November 7, 2022


Time to leave this planet

— Dr V 🦷💉 (@DrVW30) November 6, 2022


@nehalk1996 Noe that's blasphemy😡

— NOMAN DINO (@dino_noman) November 6, 2022

However, there is a little confusion as well because some Twitter users are of the opinion that it is not tea, it is French Onion Soup.

Dhokha hua hai aapke saath yeh French onion soup hai.

Aapko chai janta maaf nahi karegi kyuki aapne chai premi logo ke samwednao ke saath khela hai😭

Fact checked. 🤣 https://t.co/kuoR4E5KTm pic.twitter.com/R38I71Nz1Q

— Kumar Manish (@kumarmanish9) November 7, 2022

Ideally one should fact check as this can hurt billions of sentiments for long and can cause irreparable damage to psyche of a nation. I smell conspiracy against tea lovers from coffee cafe type junta.

— Kumar Manish (@kumarmanish9) November 7, 2022

The Twitter user who posted about cheese wali chai also got confused and tweeted that it seems as if this is French Onion Soup and there were few who ensured him that this is not tea but French Onion Soup only.

Shayad nahi, wahi hai.And it's one of my most favorite soups..

— Mini🐦🎶 (@Minniie_Mehra) November 6, 2022

Well even if this is French Onion Soup, our tea is still not safe because earlier also people have come up with butter tea, chai latte which is made by adding coconut milk, maple syrup and many spices, etc.

Will you like to make any experiment with your tea?

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