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Twitter Wishes Engineers With Most Hilarious Memes On Engineer’s Day & Many Will Relate To Them

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Today we all are celebrating the Engineer’s Day in the memory of Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya who is better known as Sir MV. Sir MV’s birth anniversary is marked as the Engineer’s Day because as a civil engineer, he used his expertise and knowledge for the development of the country. For his immense contribution in the field of railways, flood disaster management, irrigation, etc., he was also awarded with Bharat Ratna in the year 1955.

There is no denying the fact that engineering is still one of the best options for a student who has passed out of school but it is also true that due to huge increase in the number of engineering colleges, the number of engineers passing out every year is massive. What makes it more worrisome is the fact that jobs are not increasing at the same pace as the number of engineers and many of them may have completed their studies and passed the examinations but the companies are finding them unsuitable for the job.

However, we just can’t deny that engineers play an important role in our lives because an engineer is associated with each and every thing that we use whether it is our mobile phones, app, roads, cars, etc.


Tribute to the great Indian engineer and scholar, the Bharat Ratna Visvesvaraya on his Birth Anniversary and Greetings to all Engineers on National Engineers Day. #EngineersDay2020 pic.twitter.com/NquKRCMaDK

— Achyuta Samanta (@achyuta_samanta) September 15, 2020


Tributes to Bharat Ratna Shri M. Visvesvaraya on his birth anniversary.
Wishing You all on #EngineersDay2020

— Sambit Patra (@sambitswaraj) September 15, 2020


Engineers story 👇
4 yrs
40 subjects
400 experiments
4000 assignments
40000 hrs.
A normal human CANNOT do it.
Those super heroes are called
Happy Engineer's Day
#SpeakUpForEngineers#EngineersDay#EngineersDay2020@abhi1023_m @ImPRAVEEN9795 @09_akhilesh pic.twitter.com/LDXpgl11uR

— ओमप्रकाश पटेल (OP) (@imop07) September 15, 2020


India's most prolific engineer, economist, statesman and a visionary who spearheaded development, remembering Sri Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya garu on his birth anniversary.#EngineersDay2020 pic.twitter.com/4F446c35Or

— Dr.Anil Kumar Yadav (@AKYOnline) September 15, 2020


Remembering Bharat Ratna Mokshagundam Vishveshvaraya Garu on his birth anniversary celebrated as #EngineersDay . With brilliant minds comes the solutions for all those unsolved problems. Engineers are those brilliant minds that can bring a positive change.#EngineersDay2020 pic.twitter.com/oTjfoy90mX

— stanleybabu (@stanleybabu) September 15, 2020

Social media networks have been flooded with posts for paying tributes to Sir MV and celebrating the Engineer’s Day while there were some who used this moment to show their creativity and made some jokes and memes on this occasion.


Others. Engineers pic.twitter.com/ThImiW6Dbu

— meme_gurl_💋✌ (@Sarcastic_kudi_) September 15, 2020


Engineer can do anything. pic.twitter.com/THfRtLsFpo

— Tushar being Indian (@TusharbeingInd1) September 15, 2020


All-rounder Engineer💪pic.twitter.com/BlDYQKcWdF

— Kisslay Jha🇮🇳 (@TrollerBabua) September 15, 2020


#EngineersDay for engineers nothing is impossible……
Happy engineer day pic.twitter.com/zIwKDN8u9k

— Vikash (@Vikash04818400) September 15, 2020


Kids after 12 : #Engineering kr leta hoon bhut scope hai.
Le #Engineers who are unemployed :#EngineersDay2020 pic.twitter.com/kg2HVbnMTo

— Abhilekh (@pandey__ghij) September 15, 2020


On this #EngineersDay2020 it had to be done : pic.twitter.com/xketdRfIbe

— Jokur Tweets (@SaaniGaamuk) September 15, 2020



My Engineering Friends After Graduation pic.twitter.com/fAOARMPafX

— Yashwant Verma 🇮🇳 (@Vermacasm) September 15, 2020



Everyone wishing #Engineering day on social media

Me be like- pic.twitter.com/gba7VmK6ZX

— Mohd Saif (@mohdsaifaps) September 15, 2020


On this #EngineersDay2020 lets see some of most unforgetable #Engineers work….

When enginneers bunk their classes…. pic.twitter.com/3Kb9Ipq8mj

— Just TWEET.. (@difficultoneto) September 15, 2020


When do MBA after Engineering and get rejected in an interview
You be like:#EngineersDay2020 pic.twitter.com/2FocKDE2W7

— Ek Cutting🇮🇳 (@_ekcutting_) September 15, 2020


Engineers on every topic other than engineering :😂#EngineersDay2020 pic.twitter.com/uBtDBGqVlT

— Valar Morghulis!! (@Legendarryyyy) September 15, 2020


Happy #EngineersDay2020 ❤
.#Engineering #EngineersDay pic.twitter.com/njAxkq38rl

— Sudhanshu (@Sudzada) September 15, 2020


#EngineersDay2020 #EngineersDay
A dialogue from Dil bechara: pic.twitter.com/ktyaLo1BWY

— Arvind Schröödinger (@being__paranoid) September 15, 2020


a person who control and maintain everything except Engineering😅🔥#happyengineersday#Engineering#EngineersDay2020#EngineeringJobs#aajkaengineer pic.twitter.com/qOgldRVa9g

— Kailash kumar (@Kailash68494626) September 15, 2020


#EngineersDay #EngineersDay2020
1. On the day of convocation
2. Unemployed after passout pic.twitter.com/0tL6Y84UXA

— Soumya Gorai (@ItzSoumyaHere) September 15, 2020

While engineering can be that profession which can secure a person’s future, still we will like to request to parents not to pressurize their kids to pursue engineering just because Sharma Ji Ka Beta is going to become an engineer. A kid should be allowed to make a choice regarding his/her career because we need happy and passionate engineers and not those who pursue different professions after completing their engineering studies.

Happy Engineer’s Day!

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