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UK Parents Who Like Indian Pakora A Lot Name Their Baby ‘Pakora’, Twitter Outbursts With Memes

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After the birth of a baby, one of the most important tasks that parents have to accomplish is to name their baby and it is certainly one of the most difficult tasks as well. While many people ask their family members, relatives, friends, etc. for suggesting names, some prefer to do a search on the Internet as there are many websites that suggest names with different alphabets.

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In many scenarios, parents name their kids after their favourite sportsperson, actor, leader, etc. as they are very much influenced by those whom they idolize.

However in a weird incident, a baby in UK has been named after an Indian snack by his parents. Yes, you read it right! He has been named after an Indian snack called Pakora (a piece of vegetable, chicken, meat dipped in a batter and then deep fried).

UK parents name their child after Indian dish 'Pakora'; Internet just can't keep calm

Read @ANI Story | https://t.co/tXGvA2A9zf#Pakora #Ireland #Funnymemes pic.twitter.com/AN9mljgClS

— ANI Digital (@ani_digital) September 3, 2022

The announcement is this regard was made by the restaurant, The Captain’s Table which is very famous in NewTownabbey, Ireland. They inform that a couple who visits their restaurant quite regularly has named their baby after a dish which is served in their restaurant and they not only shared the photo of the newborn but also the photo of the bill which described the dishes that were eaten by the couple.

The news soon got viral on the social media and here is how Twitterati reacted:


I mean seriously…. pakora .. 😭 pic.twitter.com/TdsrI7LuXT

— Sadia Ahmed (@SadiaTheSadia) September 4, 2022


Relatives: Kya hua hai?

Parents: Pakora pic.twitter.com/5nU1jMGMOH

— Memes of Pakistan (@MemesOfPakistan) September 4, 2022


UK based couple names their baby "pakora"

That kid after growing up : pic.twitter.com/5bfsgAtWGp

— UmderTamker (@jhampakjhum) September 4, 2022


Pakora at the age of 18 will be looking for Chatni 😂😂 pic.twitter.com/7ZMfowj6Et

— اعتزاز منج (@itezaz007) September 4, 2022


कोई अंग्रेज दंपत्ति अपने बच्चे का नाम पकौड़ा (Pakora) रख दिया है। लीजिए अब पकौड़ा इंटरनेशनल हो गया। 🙆
भविष्य में लिट्टी का भी स्कोप है उधर, क्यों?😅 pic.twitter.com/sVUO84rQMW

— Sandhya Yadav (@Sandhya60128910) September 4, 2022


UK parents name their child after Indian snack 'Pakora'

*A few years later* pic.twitter.com/d5d5cagDHN

— Dr. Ashish Belwal (@drsuperstar1680) September 4, 2022


Just imagine how his wife in future will introduce him to her family and friends 😆🤭

"Mom-Dad mujhy Pakora bohat pasand hy. Mein Pakora sy hi shaadi karungi" 😂🤣 pic.twitter.com/P8j5PCAHMg

— Muحaّmad Shahزaib Paٹni 😍🇵🇰 (@TweetsByShahjee) September 4, 2022


Our Indian food is so popular that after Laddoo, pakora is going to be famous… pic.twitter.com/uE5Z4vJUVM

— ProfitPunch ™ (@ProfitPunch) September 5, 2022


Ab inko ladki hogi toh Jalebi naam rakh lenge

— Dharmendra Kumar (@djdharm3) September 5, 2022


Galati se bhi bada hoke India aagaya na one can imagine he will curse his parents why they kept this name.

— Saurabh. (@mailsaurabhkr16) September 4, 2022



— Varoon Galagali (@gvaroon) September 3, 2022


Really a very cute Pakora!

— Stardust ⭐ (@EclecticNutrino) September 3, 2022


Agle wale ka naam chai rakh dena chai pakoda ka saath ho jayega

— Pranjul Sharma (@SharmaaJie) September 3, 2022


Won't be astonished if Samosa and Alubanda will born. It's time for India to get patent right of our famous street foods. Otherwise consequences would be hilarious in a way.

— Ashu (@Ashutosh7151) September 3, 2022


Aaj pakora school aaya hai 😂

— Sudarshan Sharma (@Bri8t_Li8t) September 3, 2022


😂😂 well babies 👶🏼 look like cute pakoras

— Amol Satham (@amolsatham) September 3, 2022


Baarish ke mausam mein banaye gya hoga……. mood!

— TrollerShetty (@trollershetty) September 3, 2022


Bread naam ki ladki mil jaye isko

— Chacha (@chacha9TY) September 3, 2022

Well, we can understand that the couple may have fallen in love with Pakoras because they are very tasty but naming their baby like this might be embarrassing for the baby in future. What do you say?

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