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3 Easy Tips to Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal

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There’s nothing more annoying than spotty internet service, whether it’s an episode of your favourite Netflix series that keeps buffering or that annoying delay when you receive an email. Have you ever had trouble using your Wi-Fi when you most need it? Have you ever wondered why it is so unreliable? Well, your Wi-Fi experience can be impacted by various things, even with the best broadband connection. In this article, we will share with you, most easiest tips to improve your Wi-Fi signal.

Wi-Fi is the backbone of your home internet experience, so if you can’t get a strong signal from your router to your phone, smart TV, or other devices, you’re not enjoying yourself. Let’s look at eight easy ways to strengthen your Wi-Fi and eliminate those annoying dead spots.

Here Are A Few Tips to Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal:

1. Think About Changing Your Router

Look at every piece of advice on this list to make the most of the devices you own. But in our decades of expertise with wireless innovation in both consumer and business settings, we’re starting by tossing out the idea of replacing your router first and foremost since it has continually proven to be a silver bullet.

3 Easy Tips to Improve Your Wi-Fi SignalUnsplash

These suggestions will be helpful if your router is reasonably new—or even brand-new—and you’re not receiving the signal strength and Wi-Fi experience you expect. However, small changes and modifications will only yield a limited increase if your router is old in the tooth. An outdated router with a few tips and techniques cannot be magically made to function like a brand-new one.

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What was once a perfect router for homes with a few Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets is no longer good enough in a modern house where everything is internet-connected, including the thermostat and TV. There’s a strong possibility your outdated Wi-Fi network needs to be improved to keep up with the rising bandwidth needs of all those new gadgets.

Instead of putting up with poor Wi-Fi performance marked by lag, lost connections, and slow speeds, we advise updating old technology. The advancement of Wi-Fi technology has been exponential, and it is impossible to compare early Wi-Fi routers to even the most affordable modern routers, much less the most expensive ones.

Many individuals find that purchasing a mesh routers system, such as the Eero or Nest Wi-Fi, solves all their problems with routers in one swoop: insufficient coverage, overloaded devices, weak signal, etc.

2. Convert Devices to Ethernet

Since individuals only consider wireless connections while troubleshooting their Wi-Fi, this is possibly one of the most ignored pieces of advice. Searching for devices you may remove from the Wi-Fi network and replace with an Ethernet network is one of the more straightforward methods to address Wi-Fi device congestion. We know that not every home is wired for Ethernet and that sometimes the only option to connect some devices to the internet is over Wi-Fi, such as an Xbox or smart TV in a bedroom on the second floor.

3 Easy Tips to Improve Your Wi-Fi SignalUnsplash

In contrast, we have visited many houses where the Ethernet-cable devices (such as TVs, video game systems, and desktop PCs) are located in the living room or home office where the modem and Wi-Fi router are. There’s no harm in connecting a fixed item, such as a TV or computer, to the network over Ethernet if you can easily do so. You’ll have a speedier connection with a better ping time and free up space for more Wi-Fi devices.

3. Update Your Firmware

3 Easy Tips to Improve Your Wi-Fi SignalUnsplash

Updates to router firmware are crucial for two main reasons. First and foremost, maintaining an updated router guarantees that you are using the safest firmware possible for your specific model, which is far more crucial than obtaining a robust Wi-Fi connection. That’s significant enough that, should your old router stop receiving security updates, we suggest you upgrade and remove it.


These solutions increase the expense and complexity of your home network. If you’re having trouble with your wifi connection, you should first make sure your router is working correctly, move it, and upgrade the equipment if needed. Compared to alternative Wi-Fi range-extending solutions like Wi-Fi mesh networks, an updated router may be a more effective way to increase the strength and range of your network.

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