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3 Practical Ways For Reducing Screen Time With Its Benefits

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Sitting in front of a screen for an extended period increases your risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and fat accumulation around the waist. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to make an effort to disconnect from the gadget every day. In this article we will share with you, the most practical ways for reducing screen time.

Take control of your screen time! Whether you want to cut back on TV viewing or become overwhelmed with social media, these practical tips and simple techniques can help you lead a more positive digital life.

Excessive Screen Time: 3 Practical Ways for Reducing Screen Time

Setting screen time restrictions is an essential step toward controlling how you spend time online.

1. Keep Track Of Your Screen Time

Carry a tiny notebook with you for one week. Every time you use your computer, note down what you’re doing, how long you’re doing it, and if it’s an essential duty. You could be spending 20 minutes responding to emails for work, which is essential for your professional career. Before and after this, you may spend up to 30 minutes exploring Facebook.

3 Practical Ways For Reducing Screen Time With Its BenefitsUnsplash

Be honest. You are not required to show your journal to anyone. The idea here is to determine where your time is going and how to change it. For example, you might be surprised to learn that you spend two hours daily on social media. If you believe it is too much, you might aim to reduce it to one hour. See if you can achieve the target the next day.

2. Schedule Your Breaks

Too much time staring at a screen is wrong for your eyes and can cause headaches. Therefore, schedule breaks from using your device. This might help you make a conscious effort to spend less time on the screen.

3 Practical Ways For Reducing Screen Time With Its BenefitsUnsplash

If you have any downtime at work, don’t instantly go on Twitter or Facebook. Instead, take some time away from the screen. Go on a brief stroll. Read a book for ten minutes. Call a buddy and talk.

Schedule breaks while working on the computer when you’re at home alone. For example, promise yourself a 20-minute walk with your pet after two hours on the computer. This will take you away from the screen and provide relaxation. You may even set a timer to keep yourself on track.

3. Make Little Commitments To Yourself

Significant commitments might be challenging to keep. Change takes time, and you may not go from being a gadget junkie to spending two hours every day without technology. If you’re having trouble adjusting, consider making tiny 5- to 15-minute commitments.

3 Practical Ways For Reducing Screen Time With Its BenefitsUnsplash

Promise yourself a 15-minute walk three times a week. Try to keep this promise, no matter what happens. This may seem more manageable than a goal like, “I’ll spend an hour every day exercising instead of using the phone.”

Three Benefits Of Reducing Screen Time

1. Make Time For Pleasant Activities Like Playing And Exploring

Taking a month to purify yourself of screens as much as you physically and mentally can, not aiming for perfection but rather for connection. You could learn something unexpected about the individuals who are closest to you.

3 Practical Ways For Reducing Screen Time With Its BenefitsUnsplash

Exploring and learning about the world is an essential aspect of being alive. Although children are inherently interested, adults may also explore. Instead of wasting time on your gadgets, encourage yourself and your family to do new things. Take a bike ride or a walk, go to a park, visit a museum, or explore a nearby nature trail. Activities that do not use screens can be equally interesting as those that do. Try drawing, reading, making crafts, or doing other imaginative activities. Reducing screen time gives you more time for fun and artistic activities.

2. Develop Social Bonds

Connecting with people is essential for us to feel cared for. Everyone looks to their neighbours for a sense of belonging, while others may find it in their families and friends. Devices can ruin these interactions.

3 Practical Ways For Reducing Screen Time With Its BenefitsUnsplash

The sooner we expose screens to children, the more it impacts their brain development. It increases the likelihood that they will struggle to manage their screen and technology addiction later in life. When parents look at a device, children may feel pressured to compete for attention. Setting down your smartphone may help youngsters feel more emotionally open to their parents, strengthening family ties.

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3. Improve Your Mood

Putting down your phone, stepping outside, or doing something you like will help improve your mood. It can help you feel better about yourself and boost your overall well-being. Depression and anxiety can drive individuals to withdraw and isolate themselves from society.

3 Practical Ways For Reducing Screen Time With Its BenefitsUnsplash

Engaging in social activities allows you to connect with people while improving the symptoms of these disorders. Children with more time staring at screens are likelier to have behavioural issues and broken attention, but reducing screen time can enhance focus. Violence in the media may make children feel nervous and unhappy, leading them to believe that violence is an appropriate method to deal with difficulties.


You may recover valuable moments from screens by following practical guidelines, recognising the benefits of minimising screen time, and participating in other activities. These tips can improve physical well-being by minimising digital stress while promoting mental health and true connections. Let us know if you follow them in your life.

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