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Visiting Japan: 7 Best Instagrammable Places In Tokyo

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The best photos on Instagram feature stunning locations captured with creative photography skills. One such location is Tokyo, the vibrant and beautiful capital of Japan. It is every photographer’s delight to see towering cityscapes and cultural monuments offering a variety of possibilities for photography. If this place serves your interest, here are the 7 best Instagrammable places in Tokyo, where you can set your camera in full action.

 7 Best Instagrammable Places In TokyoUnsplash

The city has witnessed the development of advanced technology and lifestyles deeply rooted in traditions that offer a complete spectrum to capture through your lens. This blend or contrast of old and new makes it distinct from other locations.

While traveling through the city, you will get several photogenic sites like neon-lit streets, serene gardens, and skyscrapers that serve a variety of photo preferences.

7 Best Instagrammable Places In Tokyo:

1. Shibuya Crossing

One of Tokyo’s most unique and popular tourist attractions is the Shibuya Crossing. A pedestrian scramble has gotten the world’s attention as 1,000 to 2,500 people cross this point in 2 minutes. This busy crossing is a symbol of the energy of the city and its hard-working locals.

 7 Best Instagrammable Places In TokyoUnsplash

You can pose across one of the elevated points near the crossing to get some space and capture the unique, crowded sights. The unmatched sites of humanity make the perfect backdrop with colorful neon sign boards depicting modernity at its best.

2. Cherry Blossom Gardens

Cherry blossoms are a symbol of the natural beauty of Japan. The pinkish petals covering the trees and floating in the spring season winds make a magical sight to behold. You must take advantage of capturing the cherry blossom gardens in Tokyo, which are coming to life with pastel landscapes.

 7 Best Instagrammable Places In TokyoUnsplash

Whether you go for nature, landscape, or portrait photography across this bloom, you will get stunning images that could quickly go viral. You can visit the Shinjuku Gyoen or Ueno Park to see the beautiful frames of cherry blossoms near a Japanese temple or garden that reflects the true essence of the country.

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3. Sensoji Temple

Tokyo is filled with ancient Buddhist temples and other religious or cultural sites that display the culture of Japan. One is the iconic Sensoji Temple, which will give you a glimpse into old Japan. The temple has imposing gates and vibrant lanterns, which are essential characteristics of temples in the country and offer a variety of chances to click pictures.

 7 Best Instagrammable Places In TokyoUnsplash

In addition, you can get zoom shots of intricate architectural details, wafting incense, and the lines of devout worshippers there. In this way, your pictures can reflect the cultural and devoted side of the Japanese people.

4. Harajuku Street Fashion

Instagram is filled with beautiful and vibrant images. To cut through the lot, you can visit Harajuku Street, which reflects the eccentric fashion scene of the Japanese people. The center of Fashion hosts a blend of different fashion styles in one place.

 7 Best Instagrammable Places In TokyoUnsplash

Walking through the colorful streets, you can get the frames of bold and creative outfits that are a paradise for fashion lovers. You can pose across or click images featuring quirky cosplay ensembles to avant-garde streetwear. They create a visual treat with various colors and styles to add liveliness to your Insta feed.

5. Tokyo Skytree

Most Instagram users are Youths who love seeing images of breathtaking and mesmerizing views. You can present this to the audience by capturing the modern side of Tokyo with pictures from the Tokyo Skytree.

 7 Best Instagrammable Places In TokyoUnsplash

It’s a modern marvel that gives you beautiful views and photo opportunities. This tallest tower in Japan, made in 2010, allows you to capture stunning panoramic shots of Tokyo’s dazzling cityscape.

6. Tsukiji Fish Market

Usually, you will find images of street markets or high-end shopping plazas on Instagram that sell fashion goods or items for daily use. However, you can capture a unique view by getting a glimpse into the culinary heart of Tokyo at the famous Tsukiji Fish Market.

 7 Best Instagrammable Places In TokyoUnsplash

It’s a busy market with an aesthetic sight of vendors selling fresh seafood with great energy, creating an electric atmosphere. You can zoom in or go for a wide-angle shot to lock in the sights of intricate patterns and colors of the fish against a busy market. These images can easily give a unique edge to your Instagram.

7. Akihabara Electric Town

Tokyo is one of the most advanced and modern capitals of the world. Its infrastructure, modern facilities, and forward-thinking environment give a peek into the future. You can capture those sights more efficiently in Tokyo’s Electric Town.

 7 Best Instagrammable Places In TokyoUnsplash

It is a neon-lit district that is a paradise for technology enthusiasts. Also, it’s a delight for anime lovers who can find recognizable sights there. So, click the views of shiny displays of electronics stores, larger-than-life anime characters around the buildings, and the vibrant street. They create a blend of virtual and real worlds for meaningful images.

Final Words

Tokyo is a vibrant and famous city that offers infinite possibilities for Instagram shots. Whether you are interested in its contemporary side or rich cultural heritage, the metropolises will surely grab eyeballs and improve your photography game.

From the busy streets of Shibuya to the serene cherry blossom gardens, every corner of the capital promises to offer something unique. It lays down an ocean of opportunities to capture memorable shots for your Instagram.

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