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Benarasi Silk: A Shopping Guide to Varanasi’s Famous Fabric

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Benarasi silk is a famous Indian fabric that has a rich texture, intricate design, and timeless beauty. The city of Varanasi (now called Banaras), located in northern Uttar Pradesh, has been producing Benaradi silk for several centuries (Jain, 1994). For your convenience, a step-by-step guide on how to buy Benarasi silk in Varanasi is provided below:

 A Shopping Guide to Varanasi's Famous Fabric

Benarasi Silk — Fabric and Weaving Technique:

It is made from finely spun silk woven by skilled craftsmen.  Such materials feature complex patterns, including motifs and florals, while others have zari or golden/silver threads running through them.

Benarasi Varieties-

Different types such as Brocade, Organza, etc., each with its own unique characteristics.

Katan Silk is a blend of pure silk and cotton thread in one fabric.

Organza silk: A light fabric often used for saris or dupattas.

Georgette Silk: Popular among many women due to its lightweight texture that gives it a flowing appearance, along with small creases on the top of the material.

Shatter silk is an unyielding, rough-textured type that can withstand many pressures, including being pulled apart when sewn together and forming seams at various parts needed to make clothes.

 A Shopping Guide to Varanasi's Famous FabricUnsplash

Tips for shopping:

1. Authenticity:

Be sure to verify the authenticity of Benarasi silk before you buy it. Search for reliable traders and weavers who are renowned for their high-end crafts and genuine items.

2. Handloom Mark:

Most genuine Benarasi silk products bear the handloom mark, which indicates that they were woven by skilled workers. Make sure this mark is present on any item you want to purchase.

3. Quality of silk:

Check the texture, glossiness, and heaviness of the silk fabric. Genuine Benarasi silks have a rich smoothness and lustre with clear weaving and few blemishes or drawbacks.

4. Design and Motifs:

Benarasi sarees or fabrics come in various designs, motifs, or patterns. Among these patterns are Paisley’s flowers, elaborate borders, and geometric patterns that represent our cultural heritage.

5. Price and Bargaining:

Benarasi silk is a luxury material that comes at different prices depending on factors like the quality of the material used, the design complexity, as well as the workmanship involved. Be ready to negotiate over price tags, especially at small markets or dealing directly with independent weavers.

6. Maintenance Instructions:

Proper care should be taken, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, in order to maintain the beauty and durability of Benarasi clothes. Follow them so as not to spoil their quality; it may recommend mild hand washing or dry cleaning only.

 A Shopping Guide to Varanasi's Famous FabricEtsy

Local marketplace:

Similarly, there are different types of handloom sarees, fabrics, and handicrafts that can be obtained from vibrant markets like Vishwanath Gali, Thatheri Bazar, and Godowlia Market situated in Varanasi.

Weaver’s Workshops:

In Varanasi, visit the weaving workshops and cooperatives run by local weavers to witness the intricate process behind silk weaving and make a purchase straight from the producers. There are many e-commerce companies and online platforms dealing with handloom products like Benarasi silk sarees and textiles. Look for trustworthy online platforms that directly source goods from weavers who are selling actual ones.

 A Shopping Guide to Varanasi's Famous FabricUnsplash


With these ideas and tips adhered to, having an enjoyable shopping spree in Varanasi with benarasisilk.com or otherwise will be possible, through which you will carry along Benarasi silks into your home. Also, go to Benarasisilk.org to check out various kinds of Benarasi silk.

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